Spiral dryer

for in-line continuous drying

  • Spiral dryer
    Spiral dryer

ACI's spiral dryer is a compact and efficient drying system that allows for in-line continuous drying of small and light component parts or food and ingredients. The dryer comprises a single helix rotating drum constructed from perforated stainless steel sheet, mounted horizontally. Parts enter the drum via a simple chute or alternatively via a hopper and vibrating plate arrangement for a controlled feed rate.

The parts pass directly through the drum where they are effectively and efficiently dried by an ACI blower-driven Air Knife which is suspended in the centre of the drum. The parts are fed through the drum directly underneath the high velocity blade of air and emerge out of the Spiral Dryer where they are simply collected or passed on to another process.

The blower supplying the Spiral Dryer is typically and ACI Direct Drive Multi Stage Blower. Direct mounting of the impellers and low motor speeds deliver high-pressure performance with minimal noise levels. Additionally, the modular construction of this range offers a wide choice of performance characteristics and power supply requirements.