The Digital Mobile Worker

Newly developed smartphone, digital services platform, and new peripherals for use in explosion protected areas

  • Tablet, smartphones and peripherals with Atex certification
    Tablet, smartphones and peripherals with Atex certification
  • New opportunities for collaboration, services and worker safety in ex-zones: combination of smartphone and -watch in operation
    New opportunities for collaboration, services and worker safety in ex-zones: combination of smartphone and -watch in operation
  • The Digital Mobile Worker
    The Digital Mobile Worker

The Pepperl+Fuchs brand ecom has presented the next generation of its ATEX Zone 1/21 and Div. 1 certified, intrinsically safe Smart-Ex 4G/LTE Android smartphone at Hannover Messe 2019 (April 1 to 5). The Smart-Ex 02 is a completely new development that is tailored to the market’s requirements. Complemented by innovative, new peripherals such as the intrinsically safe CUBE 800 thermal image video camera and the explosion-proof Smart-Ex watch, the Smart-Ex 02 accompanies mobile workers in a wide range of tasks and provides future-proof solutions. In addition, ecom is presenting its new Digital Products and Services platform, which offers a comprehensive solution for staging, mobile device management, and device analytics.

Intrinsicaly safe smartphones for Zone 1/21 and Div. 1

With a large 12.7 cm (5 inch) display, powerful features, an ergonomic design, and optimized accessories, the newly developed Smart-Ex 02 is the most advanced intrinsically safe smartphone for Zone 1/21 and Div. 1. In addition, global Ex certifications enable worldwide use and global rollouts. The Smart-Ex 02 supports 21 different LTE frequency bands. It is delivered unlocked and without a SIM card. With the latest Android 9 operating system, the smartphone is fast, secure, and efficient. The Smart-Ex 02 will also be the first Zone 1/21 and Div. 1 certified device to meet Google’s demanding Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) validation. The AER validation ensures consistent, easy deployment and management of mobile solutions through hardware, OS support, and regular security patches. Worldwide support from Pepperl+Fuchs also ensures safe operations. Short distances to the service technicians enable quick support and troubleshooting. Users also benefit from collaboration with ecom’s own system engineers and development teams, who can advise and support with changing software requirements. Depending on requirements, the Smart-Ex 02 can be supplemented with numerous coordinated and optimized peripheral devices from ecom, such as headsets, microphones, video cameras, scanners, Bluetooth beacons, and smartwatches.

New digital products and services platform expands mobile worker concept

With its new Digital Products and Services platform, ecom is offering a solution that combines automated staging, mobile device management, and device analytics. It can be used as a full-fledged enterprise mobility management system, if desired. The Smart-Ex 02 and all other mobile devices from ecom can leave production at the customer’s request with the necessary configuration secured in a container—including security settings, applications, and wireless setup. This allows the devices to be used by mobile workers immediately after delivery without errorprone manual configuration.

On request, device diagnostics and device analytics can collect real-time operating data and error analysis of the mobile devices, continuously monitoring their condition and remedying malfunctions preventively or directly. The devices can be managed via the ecom online platform and updated at any time during operation (over-the-air), without having to be sent to the local IT department or even to the head office. Cloud servers hosted in Germany meet the highest data protection standards, enabling high data availability and security. One-time staging or enrolling can also be done internally via ecom’s own production servers, if required. Additionally, the platform enables critical software events or software installations and other security-critical processes to be detected via analysis of historical data. Statistical accumulation of events can be used to establish correlations and causalities, for example between software errors, geographical data, and WiFi coverage.

Peripherals enable new safety standards

For hands-free operation in potentially hazardous areas, the Smart-Ex 02 can be extended by the CUBE 800 Ex camera, available via cooperation between Librestream and ecom. This intrinsically safe thermal image video camera is certified for use in Zone 1 / Div. 1 Ex environments. It can be easily attached to a helmet or stick/monopod, and settings such as lighting or zoom can be remotely controlled. Upon request, pictures and documents can be available live in a digital workspace. The CUBE 800 enables simultaneous streaming of HD and infrared video. A powerful integrated light ring and a laser target pointer ensure high image quality, even in poor lighting conditions. In combination with Librestream Onsight Connect software, experts in the control room can support technicians live on site. This enables remote diagnostics and repairs of critical areas. For a new form of hands-free cooperation and better employee protection in hazardous areas, the Smart-Ex 02 can also be synchronized with the ecom Smart-Ex watch (based on the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch). Integrated GPS, motion, and heart rate sensors enable monitoring of the current status of critical values possible and ensure quick localization in case of an emergency. Hands-free navigation simplifies operation, and a rotatable bezel allows quick and easy scrolling through apps and commands, even with gloves. Hands-free workflows and operator communication support enterprise-wide solutions. The Smart-Ex watch is fully B2B-capable, offering up to five days of performance and up to 28.5 hours of GPS time.