Thermal insulation

for subsea applications

  • Thermal insulation
    Thermal insulation

Vikotherm II subsea thermal insulation material offers improved elasticity, as well as enhanced process and manufacturing flexibility as the system can be applied on site, anywhere around the world, throughout the oil and gas industry.

The formation of hydrate plugs and wax build up is a real risk during operation shut downs. Vikotherm II provides a practically incompressible, seawater resistant, impact resistant solution which has very good thermal insulation properties and also provides maximum corrosion protection, ensuring optimal flow assurance.

It is designed to last the life of the subsea project (20 to 40 years) and is maintenance free and will normally never be replaced. Vikotherm II has a k-value of 0.13 W/mK, can be used up to 3000m deep and utilized on liquid temperatures up to +155 °C, as well as external temperatures as low as -35 °C.