Top Management Change at Romaco

Jens Torkel and Linbin Zeng appointed new Managing Directors of the Romaco Group

  • February 14, 2024
  • New management team at the Romaco Group(l.t.r): Jens Torkel, Linbin Zeng and Markus Kimpel
    New management team at the Romaco Group(l.t.r): Jens Torkel, Linbin Zeng and Markus Kimpel

The Advisory Board of Romaco Holding GmbH has just reorganized the management of the Romaco Group. Jens Torkel and Linbin Zeng have been appointed Joint Managing Directors of the Romaco Group with immediate effect. Jens Torkel will assume the role of Spokesman of the Management Board, while Markus Kimpel will remain on the Management Board as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). In addition, a new governing body has been formed, consisting of the Managing Directors of Romaco's production facilities. After six years at the helm of the Romaco Group, former CEO Jörg Pieper is leaving the company at his own request. In the future, he will support Truking Technology, the group's parent company, as a consultant. 

“On behalf of the entire Advisory Board, I would like to thank Mr Jörg Pieper for his tireless efforts and personal commitment to the Romaco Group, which has developed under his leadership into an internationally recognized, one stop solutions supplier for the pharmaceutical industry,” emphasized Yue Tang, Chairman of the Romaco Group’s Advisory Board and of Truking Technology. “Jörg Pieper successfully steered Romaco through the Covid-19 era, setting the company’s digital and sustainable transformation in motion and driving it forward decisively." 

Romaco Group management reorganized 

Prior to joining the Management Board, Jens Torkel was Vice President Sales & Customer Service, responsible for the Romaco Group's worldwide sales and service organisation. In this role, which he assumed in 2022, he significantly expanded the business in Asia, resulting in a significant increase in sales in the local markets. In a career spanning more than three decades, Jens Torkel has held numerous executive and top management positions with various suppliers to the international pharmaceutical industry.

Linbin Zeng, an experienced investment banker who has acted as a link between the two companies since the merger of Truking Technology and Romaco in 2017, has now also been appointed to the Romaco Group Management Board. As part of his work for Truking since 2015, he has played a key role in the acquisition of Chinese manufacturer Watertown and the European Romaco Group, among others. In 2018, he moved to Frankfurt am Main after being elected to the advisory board of the Romaco Group as Vice President Finance. Prior to joining Truking Technology, Linbin Zeng spent nearly fifteen years rising from analyst to head of investment banking at two leading Chinese securities firms.