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Key Technology introduces a new standard Iso-Flo conveyor and hygienic options for all other Iso-Flo vibratory conveyors. Featuring dozens of enhancements that improve equipment sanitation and reduce maintenance, implementing these innovations on the popular Standard Utility Shaker enables Key to offer affordable pricing and fast four week delivery while helping customers maximize food safety and reduce the cost of maintenance.

The hygienic features that enhance the Iso-Flo conveyor’s sanitary design include oil-free electric vibrating motors, an innovative patent-pending vector lock screen clamp, elastomer isolators, scalloped flat bars, plate frame design, and a unique internal ground arm. Established features that continue to be incorporated on Iso-Flo conveyors include a choice of stainless steel bed finishes that resist bacteria growth and are easy to clean and long-lasting StrongArm spring arms that minimize maintenance.

The Standard Utility Shakers are suited for processing fruits, vegetables, potato strips, and potato chips. The hygienic features, standard on the Utility Shakers, are options on other Iso-Flo conveyors, which are used for conveying, grading, product distribution on processing and packaging lines, product alignment, fines removal, scalping, inspection, and more in plants producing meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, confectionary, snack, and bakery products as well as cereals, grains, and seeds in addition to fruits, vegetables, and potato strips and chips.
The vector lock screen clamp features a hybrid design that enables it to perform multiple functions simultaneously. This patent-pending mechanism, used to secure an Iso-Flo conveyor’s screen in place, is easier to open and close. It allows an operator to lock and unlock a screen with one hand and no tools to swap out screens more quickly and easily. Compared to traditional locks, this hybrid does not lose pressure over time – it won’t rattle, even when in the open position, or leak. It helps keep floors dry to improve worker safety and enhance sanitation.
Other new Iso-Flo features eliminate laminations and enclosed hollow bodies that can harbor bacteria. Scalloped flat bars are continuously welded, replacing skip welding. The new plate frame replaces traditional tube frames and elastomer isolators replace coil spring isolators that can trap product and rust. The new isolator-brackets feature an “easy slide out” capability that enables the processor to remove isolators during maintenance without a forklift. The new internal ground arm replaces a traditional ground strap that is prone to breakage and can cause product to hang up. Equipment stickers, which can flake and fall into product zones, are eliminated.
Key’s Standard Utility Shakers, which include all of these hygienic improvements, are available in two sizes, 61cm and 91cm wide, both 1.8 meters long, and with or without screens. The Model 2472 offers 0.93m2 of screen area and the Model 3672 offers 1.4m2 of screen area. These standard shakers feature geometry that enables multiple shakers to be nested in a line maximizing the versatility of the two standard shakers to meet the needs of each application. The shakers with screens include drip pans to capture water or fines.