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Industrial Datasheets

Mass Flow Controller EL-FLOW® Prestige

Flow meters for gases with the Differential Temperature Balancing technology, ensuring high accuracy and a superb sensor stability

Measurement and Instrumentation

Bronkhorst is proud to introduce its next generation of Mass Flow Meters/Controllers for gases, EL-FLOW® Prestige. Nearly...

Gas Storage Bags

designed for storing various types of low pressure gas

Equipment and Services

Designed for storing various types of low pressure gas (CO2, nitrogen,bio-gas) and generally the kinds of gas which result from industrial processes...

Pneumatic Tubular forms

can be used for the in-situ cast concrete pipes or for making precast elements

Equipment and Services

The pneumatic Tubular Forms type 200, can be inflated with air at their maximum pressure <PS> and are made with very strong synthetic fabric...

Large water load bags

are used to carry out compliance testing according to current regulations for all structures

Equipment and Services

The bags are manufactured using very strong synthetic fabric, waterproofed with plastomers as per ISO standard 2231-89. The seams are heat-welded...

Foldable Tank Type R

are made with polyesther fabric coated on both faces with plastomers suitable for the required use

Equipment and Services

The flexible tanks are made with polyesther fabric coated on both faces with plastomers suitable for the required use. The tanks are fitted...

Pneumatic stopper tye  FOGp/NC

can be inflated with air or nitrogen

Equipment and Services

The pneumatic stopper type FOG/NC, can be inflated with air or nitrogen and is made with synthetic fabric coated on both faces with plastomers...

Mediator between two worlds:

upgrading process plants with remote I/O:

Automation and Communication

When an existing process plant calls for a major upgrade, it makes sense to introduce new technologies while keeping established infrastructure...

Blending beds for bulk goods

ensures regularity of raw materials

Processing Machinery

In many industrial processes – as for example in the cement industry – the regularity of the raw materials used plays an important role in...

Clean food production

with aseptic drives

A leading European fruit processor replaced its glass jar filling line to maintaining strict hygiene standards while improving its energy efficiency....

Milk-processing company

invests in energy efficiency technology

La Compagnie des Fromages milk-processing company is reducing its energy usage and CO2 emissions by investing in industrial refrigeration, key...

Zero liquid discharge

treatment process for waster water

Processing Machinery

During improvement of microstructures of materials such as metals and alloys industrial wastewater is generated. Bodycote decided to replace...

Inline process refractometer

for highly corrosive media

Measurement and Instrumentation

Flexim's PIOX R Inline Process Refractometer is designed for concentration measurement of highly corrosive media. The concentration analysis...

Alarm management

for gas utility company

Automation and Communication

A major US-based natural gas distribution utility company has selected ProcessVue software suite to manage and report on process alarms across...

Automated dosing solution

for online muesli

Automation and Communication

Mixed online and dosed automatically – that is the concept of the first supplier of online muesli. A variety of mueslis ordered by customers...

Open-platform cameras

for EX areas & extreme climates

Automation and Communication

Designed for monitoring grounds and buildings with hazardous areas, R. STAHL’s EC-740-PTZ-EX is a very robust pan/tilt camera with an 18x zoom...

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