Thursday, 14 December 2017

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Industrial Datasheets

Alarm management

for gas utility company

Automation and Communication

A major US-based natural gas distribution utility company has selected ProcessVue software suite to manage and report on process alarms across...

Automated dosing solution

for online muesli

Automation and Communication

Mixed online and dosed automatically – that is the concept of the first supplier of online muesli. A variety of mueslis ordered by customers...

Open-platform cameras

for EX areas & extreme climates

Automation and Communication

Designed for monitoring grounds and buildings with hazardous areas, R. STAHL’s EC-740-PTZ-EX is a very robust pan/tilt camera with an 18x zoom...

Electronic flow meters

for conductivities as low as 5 μS/cm

Measurement and Instrumentation

Magnetrol introduces the Polaris electromagnetic flow meter, which is capable of measuring liquids with a conductivity as low as 5 μS/cm in...

Temperature calibrator

for process control instrumentation

Measurement and Instrumentation

The temperature calibrator LR-Cal  LTC 100 by Leitenberger simultaneously measures and sources ten types of thermocouples and seven resistance...

Infrared transmitter

in stainless steel IP65 housing

Measurement and Instrumentation

OMEGA announces the OS136 Series of miniature, low-cost, high performance infrared sensor/transmitter featuring a 19mm O.D. by 89mm long stainless...

Energy-efficient compressor and filtration

for recycling and waste management

Pumps, Valves and Fittings

FCC Environment, one of the UK’s leading recycling and waste management companies, is using the latest energy-efficient compressor and filtration...

Complete heat management

for the world’s largest CO2 test facility

Processing Machinery

A comprehensive heat-tracing installation has been completed at the CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM), one of the most innovative environmental...

Mass flow transmitter

To meet increasing regulatory, environmental, social and bottom line demands, rely on the mass low transmitter Thermatel TA2 for energy management solutions. Applications include: Natural Gas, Air Flow, Flare Gas, Digester, Landfill and Bio Gases.

Measurement and Instrumentation

To meet increasing regulatory, environmental, social and bottom line demands, rely on the mass low transmitter Thermatel TA2 for energy management...

Compact pelletizing plant

for mines or steelworks

Processing Machinery

A new generation of pellet plants featuring a circular induration furnace as its core element was developed by Siemens Metals Technologies. It...

Non-contact level meter

for large Australian gold mine

Measurement and Instrumentation

In a large Australian gold mine, a non-contact FMCW radar level meter, designed for dusty process conditions, provides a solution for level measurement...

Distributed control system

improve power delivery in Puerto Rico

Automation and Communication

At twelve PREPA sites a major control systems and technology upgrade has been completed. With 5,839 MW of generating capacity, PREPA is one of...

Leak detection equipment

protects water supply in Brazil

Measurement and Instrumentation

Leak noise sensors have enabled the Water and Sewerage department in a Brasilian city, to find more than 100 leaks that were invisible before,...

Online condition monitoring

of wind turbines

Automation and Communication

Five online condition monitoring systems were installed at the Crystal Rig wind farm in Scotland wind farm for Fred.Olsen Renewables (FOR).These...

Remote transfer to data warehouse

in waste water plant

Automation and Communication

The aim of the operators of a waste water treatment plant and four associated purification plants in the East of Ireland was to reduce ongoing...

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