Temperature calibrator

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  • Temperature calibrator
    Temperature calibrator

The temperature calibrator LR-Cal  LTC 100 by Leitenberger simultaneously measures and sources ten types of thermocouples and seven resistance temperaure detectors (RTD), whilst automatically capturing the calibration results. It measures milliamps whilst sourcing or simulating millivolts, TCs, RTDs or ohms to calibrate transmitters.

The LR-Cal  LTC 100 logging facility stores data on the SD card supplied, which is easily downloaded to a PC via the onboard USB port and usable in most of the common spreadsheet formats.

The trend feature graphs temperature profiles and PID controller optimization with a programmable timebase. In addition, the LR-Cal  LTC 100 has the functionality necessary to install and maintain all powered and non-powered transducers using the built-in 24V loop power supply.

Included in standard delivery is a rubber boot, a SD memory card, a Thermocouple Extender (with cold junction compensation) and a plastic case with foam. The operation is very simple and easy. Example: the Help-Menu shows on the display Wiring Schematics for almost all kind of testing and calibration tasks.