Temperature calibrator

for field application

  • Temperature calibrator
    Temperature calibrator

PYROS-125 dry block calibrator is especially designed for field application, robust, capable to maintain high accuracy and stability in severe conditions such as offshore rigs and on-board of vessels. This self contained unit is very compact and  portable, it weights 4.9kg, with dimension of only 130 x 280 x 260mm but it still offers a large block capacity of 2 x 13mm (each 150mm depth immersion).  

Multi-hole insert is available to suit the variety of probe size and the large test well (26 mm) ensures the testing of multiple sensors at same time. The unit offers an electrical switch test input along with fully programmable ramp to perform testing of temperature switches so that no other auxiliary unit is required.

The ramp function allows for calibrating the temperature loops by monitoring the temperature in the control room while the calibrator automatically generates temperature.

PYROS-125 can also be powered from both 115/230 VAC due to an innovative switching system. This makes the unit truly universal and ready to use everywhere you are in the world.