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2016 AMA Innovation Special Award Goes to Singapore

This special award for "Young Enterprise" was won by the developer team of Dr. Rachel Wang Ruiqi from Singapore for the development of the 4D microscope camera for biomedical applications "d'Bioimager"

Posted on February 29, 2016 - ( views)

by Sara Ibrahim

The AMA Association for Sensors and Measurement has nominated five submissions for the AMA Innovation Award 2016. The Special Award for a 'Young Enterprise' goes to a developer team from Singapore this year.

Forty research and development teams from Germany and abroad competed for the renowned AMA Innovation Award this year. The winning team(s) will receive a 10,000-euro prize. Parallel to the main contest, young enterprises, that have been active less than five years on the market, have no more than 50 employees, and a turnover not exceeding 10 million euros, may also compete for the special 'Young Enterprise' award. The winner of this special category is to receive a stand at the SENSOR+TEST 2016 in Nuremberg free of charge.

This special award was won by the developer team of Dr. Rachel Wang Ruiqi from Singapore (d'Optron Pte Ltd. And Nanyang Technological University) for the development of the 'd'Bioimager', 4D microscope camera (3D imaging in real-time) designed especially for biomedical applications.

The jury, comprised of representatives from research and industry, placed great value on the degree of innovation, the originality of the solutions, and the marketing relevance of the submitted research and development projects. For basic or 'grassroots' developments, a short-term implementation as a competitive product must be discernable.

'We nominated five submissions this year that stood out beyond the many high-quality projects and to our surprise all of which were in the area of biomedical technology. The technologies involved, however, are very diverse and thus clearly indicate that sensor and measuring technologies are the key to technical advancement,' said Prof. Dr. Andreas Schütze, the jury chair from Saarland University. 'Among these five nominated teams we have already found a winner, the team from Singapore, which we will invite as a 'Young Enterprise' to present its developments to interested professionals at the SENSOR+TEST 2016. This submission is also a contender with good chances for the AMA Innovation Award 2016.'

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