Additional Managing Director at JUMO

Dimitrios Charisiadis responsible for three areas from 2020

  • January 9, 2020
  • Managing Directors of the JUMO-group: Bernhard (left) and Michael (right) Juchheim and Dimitrios Charisiadis (middle).
    Managing Directors of the JUMO-group: Bernhard (left) and Michael (right) Juchheim and Dimitrios Charisiadis (middle).

The managing JUMO shareholders Bernhard Juchheim (70) and Michael Juchheim (51) have appointed Dimitrios Charisiadis (52) as third managing director with effect from January 1, 2020. He will be responsible for "Sales, Development and Production". Bernhard Juchheim will in future be responsible for "Human Resources", Michael Juchheim for "IT and Finance". Together, the three managing directors will increasingly focus on the topics "corporate strategy and development". Dimitrios Charisiadis has been with JUMO since 2017 as "Divisional Manager Sales Germany and Global Product and Industry Management".

New challanges and opportunities

JUMO has developed very positively in recent years. "Since 2008, our turnover has increased by 70 million euros. Over 600 new jobs have been created, 240 of them in Germany," emphasizes Bernhard Juchheim. But this success is not a matter of course, he says, but the result of the tireless commitment of all employees and the continuous change and improvement of the company. "It is our declared goal to position JUMO in the market in the long term in such a way that the entrepreneurial future is secured for the fourth generation of the founding family". However, according to Michael Juchheim, the challenges have risen sharply in recent years: "The competitive pressure - above all from Asia - has increased enormously, and topics such as the Brexit or global trade conflicts are causing additional uncertainty. In addition, digitization offers enormous opportunities both internally and externally, which we absolutely must seize now.

In order to cope with this diverse range of tasks, the managing partners have decided to distribute the management responsibility of the group of companies on additional shoulders. "This will expand our scope of action and thus enable greater flexibility and a faster reaction speed," Michael Juchheim explains the decision. "With Dimitrios Charisiadis, we were able to win a managing director who has extensive industry and product knowledge as well as many years of professional experience in a family-run, medium-sized company," adds Bernhard Juchheim.

Dimitrios Charisiadis sees excellent opportunities for the family business: "The JUMO group of companies has enormous potential to make a successful start into the digital future and I am looking forward to working in a great team. I would especially like to thank Bernhard and Michael Juchheim for the great trust they have placed in me".

According to Bernhard and Michael Juchheim, it is an important step for JUMO to appoint an external managing director for the first time in the company's 70-year history. With the new management structure, the organizational requirements for further growth and thus the creation and safeguarding of jobs are now being realized.