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Automation technologies
Automation technologies
Automation technologies
Automation technologies

A complex automation project involving multiple EPCs helped to ensure on time start-up and efficient operations on three units at a new hydrocracking complex at the INA Rijeka refinery in Croatia.

Emerson Process Management has successfully completed a project to install integrated automation and safety systems on three units at a new hydrocracking complex at the INA Rijeka refinery in Croatia. The plant upgrade included a new hydro cracking / hydrodesulphurisation unit, hydrogen generation unit, sulphur recovery unit, and a new centralised control facility for all three units. The upgrade was required to enable INA Rijeka refinery to produce Euro V quality fuels in compliance with EU environmental standards.

The DeltaV automation system and DeltaV SIS safety instrumented systems enable the new units to operate safely and at optimum levels to maximise profitability. Emerson’s services team ensured that the installation was completed on time and Emerson will continue to provide a comprehensive lifetime support package to help INA Rijeka maintain operational efficiency.

Because of the significant size of the overall project, the construction of each process unit was contracted out to a different Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) company. Emerson provided a single point of contact for the three EPCs and INA, took sole responsibility for the automation systems, and coordinated the engineering approach. This ensured that fixed scopes, time schedules, budgets and warranties for each project were not adversely affected.

"An automation project of this size requires a company with significant capabilities, not only to implement their own equipment, but also to manage multiple EPC’s from different countries with different standards, specifications and times scales," said Igor Šepić, Refinery Director, INA Rijeka Refinery. "Emerson was able to deploy its local resources to coordinate these activities and ensure the integrated system offered a common user interface for all three units."

Emerson was also the Main Automation Contractor (MAC) for the sulphur recovery unit, responsible for Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED) for the integrated control and safety system, and provided services that included automation engineering, installation, acceptance testing, commissioning, configuration, and start-up support for all three units.  

The integrated solution for the hydrocracking complex is based on Emerson’s PlantWeb digital plant architecture including the DeltaV automation system and DeltaV SIS safety instrumented system.  Emerson also provided field instrumentation and control valves. Emerson’s AMS Suite predictive maintenance software is being used to configure devices on the three processing units. Now installed, the hydrocracking complex system incorporates nearly fifty process controllers, 180 logic solvers and approximately 5000 process and safety I/O.

Following commissioning, INA was able to bring the plant on stream very quickly and smoothly. Prior to start-up, operators were trained off-line using Emerson’s OTS simulator. This enabled them to respond to simulated process upsets in an off-line, no-risk environment prior to actual plant operation.

"Emerson’s project management services helped us start the units up on time and within budget," said  Šepić. "Having installed the most advanced equipment and systems, Emerson technical experts are now helping us maximise performance to ensure the plant becomes established as one of the most efficient facilities of its type."

The on-going support package provided by Emerson includes Emerson’s Preventive and Reliability Maintenance Services, which ensure that critical maintenance activities are performed at regular intervals. The services provide a standardised system of procedures and checklists, and automatically log results into an on-going electronic record. Visit reports detail any issues and recommendations for correction to ensure continued system reliability.

INA has also invested in Emerson’s comprehensive Guardian support package which helps maintain control system software and computer operating systems. Guardian provides a single-point source of critical services and system information, to help with the effective management of a DeltaV digital automation system throughout its life cycle. It includes expert technical support, remote system diagnosis, software updates and system analysis reports.

"During the course of this project Emerson was established as a trusted partner, helping to solve any issues and providing a high level of on-going service and support," continued Šepić. "Based on this success, INA will now standardise on a centralised control room and integrated process control and safety systems for all future expansion projects and upgrades to existing facilities."

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Automation technologies

help refinery to meet fuel specifications

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