Wireless acoustic transmitter

saves energy and reduce environmental impact

  • Wireless acoustic transmitter
    Wireless acoustic transmitter

The Rosemount 708 Wireless Acoustic Transmitter is part of Emerson Process Management’s "Smart Energy Initiative", which combines industrial energy expertise with advanced technologies that enable customers to lower energy costs and reduce emissions. The transmitter helps processing plants significantly reduce their energy expenses and environmental impact by combining temperature measurement with acoustic "listening" that provides visibility into the state of steam traps and pressure relief valves.

Steam production is a significant operating expense for processing plants, and about 20% of the steam leaving a boiler is typically lost through failing steam traps. The acoustic transmitter provides accurate measurement and constant visibility to steam traps without the effort of a manual inspection, enabling dramatic decreases in steam trap failures and fuel cost reductions of 10-20% each year.

Pressure relief valves are another critical component of a plant. Manual monitoring for releases at pressure relief valves occurs periodically and does not indicate when or why a release occurred, increasing the chances of a safety, regulatory or environmental incident. The transmitter provides visibility to pressure relief valves by alerting operators when a valve has opened in as little as a single second. The time-stamped alerts can be compared against process conditions or environmental reporting to help identify the root cause of a release, so that preventive actions can be taken to reduce future emissions.

The transmitter gives operators instant visibility to all of their critical steam traps and pressure relief valves through a non-intrusive, WirelessHART monitoring system. This system allows monitoring throughout the plant, even in remote and hard-to-reach locations, with greater than 99% data reliability. Real-time alerts identify which areas need attention, so operators can make informed decisions on how to act.

The device offers a fast and easy implementation and minimal on-going maintenance, taking advantage of the devices, tools, and knowledge already in the processing plant. The rugged transmitter features a 10-year battery life and engineered polymer housing that is intrinsically safe, weather proof and chemically resistant.