BASF Expands Chemical Catalyst Recycling Capacity and Capability in the USA

Acquisition of Zodiac Enterprises LLC assets in Caldwell, Texas will grow BASF’s circular economy business in catalyst recycling

  • July 5, 2021
  • One of the recycled precious metals is platinum.
    One of the recycled precious metals is platinum.

BASF has expanded its chemical catalyst recycling capacity and capability with the acquisition of Zodiac Enterprises LLC in Caldwell, Texas. The site recycles precious metals from industrial scrap, primarily chemical catalysts, and will complement BASF’s existing precious metal recycling operations in Seneca, South Carolina. It will also provide increased smelting capacity in North America. Additional personnel will be hired to expand the site’s production capabilities.

Opportunity to safe 90 percent COwith recycling

“This investment allows us to meet the increased customer demand for recycling spent chemical and automotive catalysts,” said Tim Ingle, Vice President, BASF Precious Metals Refining, Chemicals & Battery Recycling. “We are proud to enable the circular economy since recycling metal emits as much as 90 percent less CO2 than refining primary metal from a mine.” The additional smelting capacity at the Caldwell site will help utilize the recently announced refinery expansion in Seneca. Recycled catalysts go through smelting and are then refined to produce the high purity precious metal needed to make fresh catalysts.