Bürkert Takes Over Majority of Swiss Company ReseaTech

As of 1 June 2023, Bürkert Fluid Control Systems has taken over the majority stake in the young Swiss company ReseaTech from Burgdorf. Both companies have already been working successfully on joint projects since 2021.

  • August 9, 2023
  • l.t.r.: Simon Zumbrunnen (managing director and founder ReseaTech), Caspar von Schoeler (Bürkert),  Philipp Haslebacher (managing director and founder ReseaTech)
    l.t.r.: Simon Zumbrunnen (managing director and founder ReseaTech), Caspar von Schoeler (Bürkert), Philipp Haslebacher (managing director and founder ReseaTech)

In September 2021, Bürkert and ReseaTech expanded their collaboration into a strategic partnership and Bürkert joined the Swiss start-up as an investor. After two years of intensive and successful joint work on new products and solutions in the field of micro dosing, the strategic partnership has been taken to the next level. The positive development based on the bundling of ReseaTech's competencies in flow sensor technology and Bürkert's expertise in the area of fluid control systems is now to be further developed and scaled in a targeted manner. 

"Since Bürkert's involvement in 2021, we have been able to work successfully on the further development of ReseaTech's technology and have jointly developed market-ready products. We are now looking forward to being able to further advance ReseaTech's business together with Bürkert and are pleased to have found a powerful partner in Bürkert that ideally complements us," says Simon Zumbrunnen, CEO and co-founder of ReseaTech. The Swiss start-up will continue to develop and produce at the Burgdorf site and previous customer relationships and projects will be continued. 

Investment in microfluidics

Thanks to its innovative valve and system expertise, Bürkert Fluid Control Systems has been successful for many years with the measurement, control and regulation of the smallest quantities of liquids. The start-up ReseaTech, which was founded in 2015 out of the Bern University of Applied Sciences, is also active in this field and is a technological leader in the measurement of minute droplets as well as sensor technology for controlling and filling liquids. The sensor systems are able to measure quantities of liquids as small as 50 nl.

The partnership with ReseaTech represents an important step for Bürkert to further expand its technology leadership. "With ReseaTech's know-how, we are systematically expanding our competencies in microfluidics and can thus offer our customers the best solutions on the market. The previous successes and the good cooperation with the ReseaTech team were decisive for our decision to deepen the partnership," says Bürkert CEO Georg Stawowy about the strategic investment. With the help of the majority takeover by Bürkert, ReseaTech now has funds available for the further development of the company and the technology as well as the scaling of production. In addition, the alliance with Bürkert gives ReseaTech access to a broad, global market and at the same time an experienced and competent development partner for system solutions – the best foundation for a joint, successful path.