CEO of Samson AG

celebrates 40 years with the company

  • September 13, 2012
  • CEO of Samson AG
    CEO of Samson AG

On 6 September 2012, the chairman of the Executive Board of Samson AG, Mr. Ludwig Wiesner, celebrated 40 years with the company. During a small ceremony to honor the occasion, Dr. Nikolaus Hensel, the chairman of the SAMSON Supervisory Board, praised the drive and commitment that Mr. Wiesner has shown and thanked him on behalf of the shareholders: “Mr. Wiesner was the key contributor who spurred on the international orientation of Samson and established two successful production sites in China and India.” Dr. Hensel expressed his admiration for Mr. Wiesner's career: he completed his apprenticeship and started a part-time study program in engineering in addition to his job in engineering design.

Mr. Wiesner started his career at Samson in 1972 as a design engineer. After completing his engineering studies and working several years as a production engineer, he was appointed Head of Production Planning in 1988. He was assigned Head of the entire Production Division and appointed to the Executive Board in 2003. Mr. Wiesner has been Chairman of the Executive Board of Samson AG since 2007.