Collaboration for Production of Green Hydrogen in Lubmin, Germany

AERZEN and HH2E agree on cooperation for large-scale production with an initial capacity of 100 MW in 2026

  • June 18, 2024
  • AERZEN and HH2E agree on cooperation at ACHEMA. 2024 Picture: AERZEN
    AERZEN and HH2E agree on cooperation at ACHEMA. 2024 Picture: AERZEN

The new German green energy company HH2E is one of the first companies in the country to produce hydrogen from renewable energy on a large scale. The hydrogen specialist is currently planning the construction of a large-scale electrolysis plant at the Lubmin energy site in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and intends to start producing green hydrogen there from 2026. HH2E also relies on AERZEN's technologies and expertise. An agreement has been reached for the supply of three VRW 536M packages for the plant on the Baltic coast. The aim is to intensify the partnership in the long term.

As a strong partner to the process gas industry, AERZEN is known for its high level of technology and solution expertise and is recognised as one of the most competent providers of technical solutions with maximum efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness. The hydrogen industry also relies on AERZEN's expertise and experience - as does the Hamburg-based company HH2E. AERZEN and HH2E have now agreed to work together to advance the energy transition.

HH2E drives the hydrogen transition forward

HH2E produces green hydrogen on an industrial scale using surplus electricity from wind and solar power and plans to install production plants in Germany with a total capacity of at least 4 GW by 2030. One plant is currently under construction in Lubmin. It uses the extensive energy infrastructure of the largest energy and industrial site in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and will have an initial capacity of 100 MW by 2026. This will enable it to produce around 6,000 tonnes (over 200,000 MWh) of green hydrogen per year. By 2030, capacity is expected to increase to over 1GW, equivalent to an annual production of over 60,000 tonnes of green hydrogen.

AERZEN delivers three VRW 536M for the hydrogen factory in Lubmin

For the hydrogen factory in Lubmin HH2E and AERZEN have agreed to supply three VRW 536M packages, each with a volume flow of approx. 4,700 m³/h and a final pressure of 8.0 bar (a), for an order value in the upper seven-figure range. The AERZEN VRW 536M was specially designed for efficient and safe compression of hydrogen and combines the advantages of an oil-free compressor (no contamination of the medium) with a high compression ratio (max. 10 bar (a)) and high efficiency, even with light gases (hydrogen/helium). The explosion-proof package offers a large turndown and can therefore optimally handle the fluctuations that typically occur when using renewable energies. As a screw compressor, the VRW 536M can also handle larger volume flows of up to 6,000 Nm³/h, making it the perfect link between electrolysers and high-pressure compressors. By pre-compressing (boosting) the large H2 volume flows to higher intermediate pressures, the main compressors (reciprocating compressors) can be designed much smaller and more favourably. This enables significant cost savings.

AERZEN and HH2E are planning a long-term cooperation

"HH2E's projects are leading the way in green hydrogen production. We are delighted to be working with HH2E to contribute to the hydrogen transition and decarbonisation of industry. The VRW 536M enables the compression of saturated electrolysis hydrogen with unrivalled efficiency and differential pressure, making it an important building block for the hydrogen transition," emphasises Christian Meyer from AERZEN.

Karsten Kinzig, Head of Procurement at HH2E, adds: "HH2E stands for a flexible mix of complementary technologies. This makes it possible to utilise renewable energies on a large scale. Our aim is to offer hydrogen at fair prices. Innovative technology partners such as AERZEN support us in this endeavour. We look forward to building a long-term cooperation with AERZEN."