Dual Victory for Compact ‘Plan B’ Analysis Device

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AMA awards for a young developer team from Dresden

Prof. Dr. Andreas Schütze (Universitiy of Saarland), Dr. Robert Brückner, Dr. Ronny Timmreck (Senorics), Peter Krause (Chairman of AMA Executive Board)
Prof. Dr. Andreas Schütze (Universitiy of Saarland), Dr. Robert Brückner, Dr. Ronny Timmreck (Senorics), Peter Krause (Chairman of AMA Executive Board)

The AMA Association for Sensors and Measurement (AMA) presented the AMA Innovation Award 2019 to the founding team of Senorics GmbH on 25 June at the SENSOR+TEST in Nuremberg. ‘Plan B’ is already the winner of the AMA ‘Young Enterprises’ Special Award. The developer team comprising Robert Brückner, Matthias Jahnel, Robert Langer, and Ronny Timmreck from Senorics GmbH receive a 10,000-euro prize for the AMA Innovation Award 2019.

Mobile spectroscopy device

The dually bestowed analysis device enables identification and verification of the quantities of contents in liquid or solid material by passing a light beam through a certain spectral range. This approach convinced the jury. “The scientifically compelling solution of ‘Plan B’ provides mobile quality assurance by the detection of contents in industrial materials and ingredients in foods – including those of beer. The jury has agreed that this project clearly stands out among the 38 submissions,” said jury chair Professor Andreas Schütze from the Saarland University, commenting on this year’s competition.

Senorics ‘Plan B’ is a compact analysis device especially designed for craft breweries with the objective of optimization and quality improvement. It provides a quick and contactless method of determining the beer’s sugar and alcohol content during the entire brewing process. Senorics’ technology is based on a novel spectrally selective and miniaturized detectors, which transfers the methods of near-infrared spectroscopy from the lab to mass application. Thus, the technology provides a platform to detect contents and compounds in industrial raw materials, agricultural products, or foodstuffs for mobile quality assurance. 

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