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Industrial White Papers

Efficient use of water resources

in Europe - report

Posted on March 30, 2012 - ( views)


Europe needs to redouble efforts in using water more efficiently to avoid undermining its economy, according to a report from the European Environment Agency (EEA). Inefficient water use impacts hard on the resources needed by ecosystems and people, both vital assets for productivity and security. The report 'Towards Efficient use of water resources in Europe' makes the case for an integrated water management, starting with better implementation of existing legislation.

'Water resources are under pressure in many parts of Europe, and it is getting worse,' EEA Executive Director Jacqueline McGlade said. 'Agriculture, energy production, industry, public water supply and ecosystems are all important, and all competing for this limited resource. With climate change making water supply less predictable, it is extremely important that Europe uses water more efficiently for the benefit of all its users. Water resources should be managed as effectively as any other natural asset owned by countries.'

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