Equipment monitoring

with integrated wireless application solutions

  • Equipment monitoring
    Equipment monitoring

Emerson Process Management has announced the availability of Essential Asset Monitoring solutions, a family of integrated wireless application solutions for equipment monitoring.
The pre-engineered monitoring and analysis solutions embed process and equipment knowledge into a wide range of applications and use existing wired and new wireless instruments to form a network for continuous automated expert monitoring. Integrated solutions are available for pumps, blowers, compressors, heat exchangers, fired heaters, corrosion, and cooling towers.

The new 24/7 online monitoring solutions reduce monitoring costs through pre-engineering savings and wireless efficiency. Whereas wired continuous monitoring is traditionally afforded for only the most expensive and critical assets, the lower costs of Essential Asset Monitoring solutions enable expanded asset oversight.

The pre-engineered solutions are scalable. Users simply choose the number and type of applications that monitor threats specific to their facility. Their resulting solution will include a wireless field network communicating data from monitoring instruments to AMS Suite operator graphics and maintenance screens, and to host systems and data applications.