Formation of FieldComm Group

unites HART Communication Foundation and Fieldbus Foundation

  • November 17, 2014
  • Formation of FieldComm Group
    Formation of FieldComm Group

The final step in constructing a single organization to lead process automation communications and integration technologies was completed when the members of both the HART Communication Foundation and Fieldbus Foundation approved the merger proposed by their respective boards.

The new corporation, called FieldComm Group, will be led by a board of directors composed of representatives of the collective companies’ from the current boards of each Foundation. Hans-Georg Kumpfmueller (Siemens) has been elected as the inaugural Chairman of the Board. Mr. Kumpfmueller will lead the direction of the FieldComm Group and oversee the addition of FDI LLC in mid-2015.

Mr. Kumpfmueller has served as a leader in setting the course of device integration in his role as Chairman of the FDI LLC board and as CEO of Sensors and Communication at Siemens. He is convinced the formation of FieldComm Group is “a major step forward for the process industries by leveraging the strengths of each industry-leading protocol and adding the value of the next generation integration strategy.”

The board has appointed Ted Masters as President and CEO of FieldComm Group. Mr. Masters brings a wealth of instrumentation and controls experience to bear in addition to a deep understanding of the use of data analytics in enterprise systems.

During the transition and integration of the two organizations, Rich Timoney will serve as Executive Vice President of FieldComm Group.

Mr. Masters believes the “the creation of FieldComm Group is an unprecedented opportunity to build upon existing technologies and develop a single future vision toward harmonization of standards for the process automation industry worldwide”. Mr. Masters adds: “I am excited about the opportunity to work together with distinguished leaders and technologies around the globe to integrate valuable process intelligence from devices to improve the operations of our users.”

FieldComm Group will consolidate offices in Austin Texas, and will function as a single entity beginning January 1, 2015. Until that time, the HART Communication Foundation and Fieldbus Foundation will continue to operate “business as usual”.