GoldCard trusts in Sensirion’s innovative gas meter technology

Sensirion announces its cooperation with the Chinese company GoldCard to develop an intelligent gas meter for residential and industrial application in the Chinese market

  • February 12, 2015
  • GoldCard trusts in Sensirion’s innovative gas meter technology
    GoldCard trusts in Sensirion’s innovative gas meter technology

Sensirion and GoldCard have started their contractual cooperation in mid-November 2014. Target of the joint development isthe launch of a microthermal gas meter in China.

To this end, Sensirion's standard product SGM70xx will be adapted to the conditions and standards of the Chinese market. Sensirion is the first company in Europe to have reached the application of microthermal mass flow modules in industrial andresidential gas meters in large numbers. The modules have successfully proven themselves in Italy and Germany for several years. Moreover, Sensirion has recently launched a standard product for gas meters and thereby expanded its competences in the smart energy sector.

The SGM70xx mass flow metering module convinces with its well tested reliability, long-termstability, dust and contamination resistance as well as its compact design, which allows for easy integration into gas meters.The mass flow meter is digital, temperature and pressure compensated. In addition, it is fully calibrated for air and naturalgas and has a standard connector and I2C interface.

To compensate for different gas mixtures the SGM70xx is equippedwith software and hardware which have been certified by the GWI (Gas- und Wärme-Institut, Essen) and have proven themselves in practice. The outstanding performance of Sensirion's mass flow meters is based on their patented CMOSens® Technology.

This technology implements sensor and signal processing circuitry in a single CMOS microchip. Together with a specially developedsensor module for the gas meter market, it provides a cost efficient system for a long-term stable and reliable application.Sensirion's innovative technology is perfectly suited for the intelligent gas meters of the future, which will track gas consumptionreliably and in real time.

The microthermal gas meter modules have been successfully used in the filed for several years.Soon, GoldCard and the end user on the Chinese market will also be profiting from Sensirion's microthermal gas meters.