HRS supplies heat exchangers

to provide efficient gas cooling solution

  • November 21, 2013
  • HRS supplies heat exchangers
    HRS supplies heat exchangers

HRS Heat Exchangers Limited, is supplying 16 of its efficient K Series multi-tube heat exchangers to Gas Compressors Ltd for use in gas cooling applications across a number of refineries in Turkey. The units are being used to cool recovered high temperature, high pressure flare gas to knock out liquids and improve gas compressor efficiency across three refineries.

Gas Compressors Ltd (GCL) is a single source, plug and play, supplier offering complete packages to its clients. It specialises in the design, manufacture and commissioning of large and medium sized, custom built/bespoke gas compressor and booster packages for use in the Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Landfill, Water, Renewable and Petrochemical Industries.

HRS K Series shell and tube heat exchangers were selected for this application because of their ability to provide efficient operation at high temperature and high pressure. The units will be assembled into the compressor packages being manufactured by GCL in the UK. Two compressors will be used on each of the four process streams, with two heat exchangers per compressor to provide precooling and interstage cooling for the application.

Critical design considerations for the heat exchangers included the required thermal duty for gas cooling, condensation of liquids, minimising pressure drop and the overall size of the package. The units, manufactured by HRS in India to ASME and TEMA R code, were carefully designed to meet all requirements and provide efficient service.

Ming Lam, Process Design Engineer at HRS, commented, “This particularly large project is a continuation of our long standing relationship with GCL and we are delighted to be working with them again. The K Series is designed to work at high pressure and temperature and the corrugated internals of the units ensures we can design to required thermal duty while minimising both size and pressure drop.”

HRS K Series heat exchangers have an internal corrugation which has been proven to create turbulence in the flow without impeding it. The turbulent flow produces better heat transfer because it mixes the fluid, whereas a laminar flow relies solely on the thermal conductivity of the fluid to transfer heat from the middle of the flow to the heat exchanger walls. The resulting increase in thermal efficiency, with a heat transfer coefficient which can be as much as double of that of smooth tube heat exchanger, enables a compact package design with minimum pressure drop. The flare gas passes through the tube side of the heat exchanger and cooling water on the shell side. As the gas cools, liquids are forced out to ensure better compressor performance and an overall more efficient process.

HRS has vast experience in designing and supplying heat exchanger solutions into the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. The units, manufactured from stainless steel, are tailor made by HRS to fit into the GCL packages and make exceptionally efficient, cost-effective Gas Coolers.

Rupert Easter, Managing Director, Gas Compressors Ltd, commented, “We have a long relationship with HRS and work in close partnership with them. Our combined industry knowledge and detailed expertise in our respective technological areas means we are supplying complete packages that meet all of our customer’s requirements for this significant project.  We trust that HRS can meet the most difficult challenges when providing heat exchanger technology and we are guaranteed excellent service and response when we work with them.”  

HRS products and system solutions have been used in such sectors as HVAC, Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Water supply, Energy Recovery, Waste to energy and Environmental protection. All HRS products are manufactured to ISO 9001 and comply with the European PED, and are also certified to the ASME “U” stamp standard.
HRS Heat Exchangers Ltd offers a wide range of heat exchangers and associated products including corrugated tube shell and tube, scraped surface and plate heat exchangers, together with a hygienic piston pump and packages such as Pasteurisers, CIP and Food processing systems. HRS also manufactures a patented self-cleaning scraped surface evaporator system for solids concentration.