Liquid Flow Sensor Series

Bidirectional measurement of low flow rates

  • Liquid Flow Sensor Series
    Liquid Flow Sensor Series

The SLF3x is Sensirion’s latest innovation in liquid flow sensing. The sensors of the the SLF3x series are based on Sensirion’s CMOSens® Technology and optimize costs by simplifying the design without sacrificing performance or having to forgoing any user-friendly fluidic, electrical and mechanical connections. The new sensor allows for the bidirectional measurement of flow rates up to ±3000 µl/min for both water and hydrocarbon-based fluids. In combination with its excellent signal-to-noise ratio and unprecedented turndown ratio of 300:1, it allows real-time monitoring of any fluidic system, which improves process control and enables advanced failure detection. The straight, unobstructed flow channel has no moving parts and is made from inert wetted materials that provide outstanding chemical resistance and excellent media compatibility. 

For diagnostics, analytical instruments and more

The SLF3x sensor series provides an unparalleled level of fluid control, system reliability, performance and end-user satisfaction for a range of applications in the fields of diagnostics, analytical instruments and life sciences. The ultra-compact form factor and cost-effective design pave the way for system designs featuring one or more sensors, which were previously unfeasible. The first prototype samples of the SLF3S-0600F are now available for testing, the new product variant will be available for distribution in the second half of 2020.