Compact Ex Certified Process GC Analyzer

For continuous and autonomous mixture monitoring

  • Compact Ex Certified Process GC Analyzer
    Compact Ex Certified Process GC Analyzer

The DynamiQ-X, the micro gas chromatograph analyzer from Qmicro by Sensirion, is designed for continuous gas mixture monitoring in industrial process and factory automation applications. The analyzer offers the ability to measure a wide range of gases at an ultra-fast measurement time, long-term autonomy thanks to their low carrier gas consumption and automated re-calibration. 

Fast and easy replacement of consumables

It is accurate and has a low power consumption. The ultra-compact form and explosion-proof housing means they can be installed at virtually any location. In addition, the innovative cartridge system ensures that the replacement of consumables is fast and easy. All of these aspects make Qmicro’s product an ideal solution for applications where natural gas properties need to be analyzed, such as custody transfer, bio-methane injection or hydrogen blend stations.

Qmicro’s DynamiQ micro-GC gas analyzer product line are supplied in application-specific configurations to selected customers, typically system integrators, OEMs and expert distributors. The instruments are configured for one specific application and are therefore sold as analyzers for this single application. Qmicro has been part of Sensirion since 2021.