Most Successful Year in History of the HIMA Group

The family-owned company and leading provider of safety-related automation solutions has concluded the 2023 fiscal year with a sales growth of 20%.

  • July 1, 2024
  • Dr. Michael Löbig (CFO, HIMA Group) and Jörg de la Motte (CEO, HIMA Group)
    Dr. Michael Löbig (CFO, HIMA Group) and Jörg de la Motte (CEO, HIMA Group)

In 2023, HIMA generated sales of 151.4 million euros, which corresponds to organic growth of 12%. The integration of Sella Controls, which was acquired in February 2023, increased sales by a total of 20%. "Our growth strategy, which is based on the digitalization of functional safety with added value in parallel with international expansion, paid off in 2023," says Jörg de la Motte, CEO of the HIMA Group.

"HIMA continued to grow profitably in 2023 – for our shareholders this is a good basis for further investments," adds Dr. Michael Löbig, CFO of the HIMA Group. By region, Europe dominates the business of the HIMA Group with a 55% share of sales. This is followed by Asia (20%) and the Middle East (17%). The Americas account for 8% of sales.

Strengthening global presence and expansion

The HIMA Group is consistently continuing its international expansion. Following the acquisition of Sella Controls in the UK last year, the HIMA Group also acquired the Norwegian technology company Origo Solutions in February 2024. "Sella Controls and Origo Solutions are making a significant contribution to taking the HIMA Group’s solution portfolio to a new level internationally," explains Jörg de la Motte. "We are making very good progress with integration," adds Dr. Michael Löbig. 

The local presence was expanded with new locations in Saudi Arabia and the expansion of the group companies in Slovakia and the Middle East. A subsidiary in India will be opened before the end of this year. In countries where the HIMA Group does not have its own company, the partner program is being expanded as qualified partners extend the company’s engineering and support capabilities.

HIMA continues to drive the digitalization of functional safety in the process industry. "Our solutions for the digitalization of the safety lifecycle support operators with key tasks that are essential for safe and compliant operations," explains Jörg de la Motte.