Oil demisters

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Oil demisters
Oil demisters

When hydraulic systems are subjected to extreme temperature fluctuations and expansion caused by heat, oil vapours form, which can escape from the tank or gear unit via tank filler breathers and desiccant breathers. With the oil demisters from the TBA-OD series by Stauff it is easier to collect and recycle these hazardous vapours. These are installed between the top side of the tank and the breather and make use of the higher inertia of the oil vapours compared to the escaping air during pressure differences. The fluid particles collide with the aluminium ridge integrated in the housing and form droplets which accumulate and flow back into the hydraulic tank.

Particularly in the case of dynamic operating conditions with extreme fluid level fluctuations, they also create an increase in the distance between the breather and the tank and ensure a long lifespan of the system components. Staff, equipment and the environment are effectively protected against escaping oil.

In contrast to the previous method, in which a specific quantity of active carbon material was added to the drying agent of the desiccant breather, the new oil demisters of Stauff’s TBA-OD series are based solely on a mechanical functioning principle, are completely maintenance-free and don't need to be inspected, cleaned or replaced after a specified number of operating hours.

They are available in two lengths of 140 mm and 210 mm, suitable for airflows up to 1m³/min and can be installed on the hydraulic tank by means of two BSP connection threads or a corresponding adaptor plate. Subsequent integration into existing configurations is also easily feasible.

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Over the last 50 years, STAUFF has become a leading supplier of accessories in the hydraulics industry. From the beginning, STAUFF has focused on market requirements, offering high-quality products in conjunction with outstanding service. STAUFF is tuned in to the needs of the global market and this, together with the benefit of an experienced and highly motivated team of employees and the use of innovative technology, enables the company to offer a sophisticated product range which will satisfy the requirements of each and every customer worldwide.

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