Vacuum and superfine filtering

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removes water, gas and solids in hydraulic systems

Processing Machinery, Maintenance

Vacuum and superfine filtering
Vacuum and superfine filtering

The Stauff Mini Water Vac (SMWV) removes water and solid dirt particles from hydraulic oils in a self-regulating process by means of vacuum and superfine filtering (one micrometre). Once the moisture content exceeds one per cent, the oil has to be changed to prevent damage to hydraulic aggregates. Having to change the oil because of water in the system is no longer needed with the SMWV in stationary use; it cleans up to 90 litres of hydraulic oil per hour in the bypass. It is designed for a tank volume of up to 10,000 litres. In contrast with the customary expensive evaporators with complex PLC, this much more cost-effective system achieves a comparable cleaning performance – and at the same time filters out even the tiniest dirt particles. The SMWV is equipped with only a simple ON/OFF switch. This means that it does not call for a maintenance expert to operate it; an unskilled employee can do the job. The water separator does not have to be controlled when in operation as it switches off automatically once the maximum filling level has been reached. Edited by Constanze Schmitz

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Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. KG
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58791 Werdohl - Germany
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Over the last 50 years, STAUFF has become a leading supplier of accessories in the hydraulics industry. From the beginning, STAUFF has focused on market requirements, offering high-quality products in conjunction with outstanding service. STAUFF is tuned in to the needs of the global market and this, together with the benefit of an experienced and highly motivated team of employees and the use of innovative technology, enables the company to offer a sophisticated product range which will satisfy the requirements of each and every customer worldwide.

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