Tube Forming System

To create reliable connections

  • Tube Forming System
    Tube Forming System

The patented tube forming system Stauff Form – the latest addition to the Stauff Connect tube connection range – features exceptionally easy installation and a particularly high level of reliability. A contour is formed onto the end of a seamlessly cold-drawn precision steel tube or stainless-steel tube using a machine with electro-hydraulic drive. The Stauff form ring is then pressed onto the formed tube end with a fixed and therefore captive elastomer seal. 

Positive connection

This creates a positive connection providing a reliable, permanent and maintenance-free seal on the only possible leakage path when used in combination with a standard fitting body with a 24° inner cone and a ISO-compliant union nut. The sealing effect is supported by the system pressure of the hydraulic system, making Stauff Form ideal for high pressure applications. 

With this system, Stauff aims at the “highest end” tube connection systems where welding or crimping are usually regarded as the most reliable connection technology. Stauff Form, though, is easier to employ and offers the advantage of easy disconnection when necessary.

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