Partnership Aimed at Carbon Capture Through Enzymes

Novozymes and Saipem enter agreement to create a more sustainable CO2 capture

  • December 14, 2021
  • Partnership Aimed at Carbon Capture Through Enzymes
    Partnership Aimed at Carbon Capture Through Enzymes

Novozymes, a leader in biological solutions, and Saipem, an advanced technological and engineering platform for safe and sustainable complex infrastructure and plants, have signed a collaboration agreement for the development of innovative solutions for enzymatic carbon capture. As part of the agreement, Saipem - which owns an enzyme-based CO2 capture technology - will be responsible for providing process, mechanical and equipment design, while Novozymes will provide enzymes while further optimizing the process through enzymes innovation.

Working at lower temperature

Enzymatic carbon capture is more sustainable in environmental terms and more cost-effective compared to traditional CO2 capture processes. In fact, it is based on the use of enzymes that require the input of heat at lower temperatures and a significantly moderate use of chemicals, energy and, consequently, cuts down the production of harmful waste. Furthermore, this process is more reliable, as the carbonates and enzymes, being low corrosion materials, minimize the deterioration of equipment. 

Saipem and Novozymes are mutually satisfied with the signed agreement which constitutes an important step towards realizing innovative solutions for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, thanks to Saipem's expertise in CO2 capture and storage technologies and Novozymes' cutting-edge enzymes solutions, the two companies can make the enzymatic carbon capture process highly competitive on the market of traditional amine processes.

“This collaboration is an important step towards more sustainable solutions for lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Enzymatic carbon capture has the potential to replace resource-heavy processes with energy-efficient, biological processes, providing both environmental and financial benefits while accelerating the battle against climate change,” says Amy Byrick, Executive Vice President of Strategy & Business Transformation at Novozymes.