Romaco Group

takes over Kilian Tableting

  • November 15, 2013
  • Romaco Group
    Romaco Group

The Romaco Group’s formal takeover of Kilian Tableting GmbH was completed on November 13, 2013. At the same time, Jörg Pieper, Gerd Hueffmann and Jens Carstens were appointed new Managing Directors of Kilian.

The integration of Kilian Tableting GmbH in the Romaco Group finally became official on November 13, 2013 after the antitrust authorities gave their approval. The firm, residing in Cologne (Germany), will in future operate under the name Kilian Tableting GmbH as a subsidiary of the Romaco Group. As part of the transaction, the day-to-day running of Kilian was transferred to a new management team.

  • Jörg Pieper was named as CEO with responsibility for Operations, Administration and Finance. He joined the Romaco Group two years ago and is Head of the Customer Service department.
  • Gerd Hueffmann has been appointed new Managing Director with responsibility for New Equipment and Customer Service Sales. Prior to arriving at Kilian in September 2013 he gained extensive experience in international sales activities at Fette Compacting and Korsch AG, amongst others.
  • Jens Carstens will act as Managing Director responsible for Research & Development. His long career at Kilian meanwhile began twenty years ago and in his most recent position he was department Head of Research and Development.

The troika at the helm of Kilian Tableting will be actively supported by three other top-level executives. Marcus Behrens as Sales Director, Stefan Zabka as Production Manager and Guido Bourtscheidt as Finance Manager will round off the new leadership at Kilian Tableting GmbH.

“The successful acquisition of Kilian will allow the Romaco Group to launch into the new fiscal year with an extended portfolio and stronger market presence”, announced Paulo Alexandre, CEO of the Romaco Group. “We will be able to offer integrated solutions for manufacturing, processing and packing pharmaceutical solids thanks to our purchase of Kilian. We intend to leverage and optimise this potential systematically in the coming years.”

“The Kilian team is ready to scale new heights”, emphasised Jörg Pieper, CEO of Kilian Tableting GmbH. “The international sales network has been reorganised and expanded over the past few months. We’ve defined our development objectives and prepared our market presence right down to the very last detail. Every one of us is highly motivated!”