SenseAir AB receives grant

for the development of alcolock calibration

  • October 4, 2012
  • SenseAir AB receives grant
    SenseAir AB receives grant

Since 2006 SenseAir has worked in collaboration with Autoliv and Hök Instrument to develop the next generation of alcolocks. SenseAir is now making a major investment and has received support for the development of the calibration process from Vinnova. The grant amounts to 3.8 million SEK, which will go towards building up future production in Delsbo.

SenseAir is part of a major project to develop an IR-sensor which measures alcohol and will be placed in the next generation of alcolocks. The project has now developed a demonstration model which provides a more exact, hygienic and cost-efficient alcohol meter than those currently available. The alcolock is based on a completely new technique, which involves a revolutionary advance in reliability and user-friendliness. The sensor is also service-free, fast and functions over a wide temperature range. The technique is based on an infrared-sensor solution, the work of SenseAir, while Autoliv is responsible for the system. By measuring at a distance the relation of alcohol to carbon dioxide in exhaled air, the system can assess the driver’s sobriety.

SenseAir, together with Autoliv, Hök Instrument and SP has now been granted a government subsidy by the Vinnova programme Sustainable Production Technology, in order to take the next steps in the development of the production process for the alcohol sensor. The grant of 3.8 million SEK means that SenseAir can build up a research park to develop an environmentally friendly and efficient production process for the calibration of the alcohol itself. The concept can then be copied in future high-volume production units, and this will in its turn contribute to economic growth in Sweden.

Vinnova’s research programme FFI (Vehicle strategic research and innovation) is behind the financial support. The aim of the programme is to research and create a basis for future sustainable manufacturing systems for the manufacture of innovative, environmentally friendly and safe products, thereby strengthening and developing the Swedish automobile industry’s competitiveness in the area of manufacture of vehicle components and vehicles.

– Our aim is to become the main supplier of alcohol sensors in large volumes to the automobile industry, in order to save lives on the roads. Another aim is to keep production and R&D in Delsbo, which will contribute to growth in the local area and the country, says project leader Ingrid Bryntse at SenseAir.

SenseAir AB is an expanding, innovation-based gas sensor company with an environment-friendly profile, situated in Dellenbygden in Hälsingland, an area of outstanding natural beauty. The company develops and produces infrared gas sensors and has a world-wide market. With 20 years of experience and through cooperation with various high-tech consortiums SenseAir has acquired a large and broad technology base and unique know-how in production methods for gas meters. The company is a world leader in its field. Our sensors can be used for: demand-controlled ventilation, personnel safety, growth maximisation, future health care, indoor and outdoor climate monitoring, energy optimisation etc.