Siemens Announces New Erlangen Campus to Become Global Development and Manufacturing Hub And Nucleus for Industrial Metaverse Technology Activities

Investment of €1 billion in Germany, €500 million for new Technology Campus in Erlangen to create blueprint for industrial metaverse in Nuremberg metropolitan region

  • July 17, 2023
  • Simulated view on the new Siemens Erlangen campus
    Simulated view on the new Siemens Erlangen campus

Siemens is rigorously executing its announced €2 billion investment strategy. Of this amount, the company plans to invest around €1 billion in Germany, thereby boosting the country’s innovative strength. In the presence of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the technology company today announced the establishment of its new Technology Campus in Erlangen, Germany, with investments of around €500 million in the expansion of development and manufacturing capacities. As a result, Siemens is establishing the Erlangen location as a global research and development hub and the nucleus of global technology activities for the industrial metaverse. 

With around 3,500 employees, the Erlangen location is already home for the production of key products in industrial automation and digitalization. Through this investment, Siemens is now creating a blueprint for the industrial metaverse, a virtual representation of the real world – photorealistic, physics-based and in real time. The targeted use of relevant, physical data and the application of artificial intelligence are creating the latest generation of high-tech manufacturing, which produces more sustainability and can respond flexibly to market changes. 
"This investment is a strong signal for Germany as a location for innovation and production. The leading-edge manufacturing facility being built in Erlangen is a good example of how our economy is moving toward a climate-neutral future – as a strong industrial country with good sustainable jobs,” said German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. 

New campus combines development and high-tech manufacturing 

The campus – which is to be built in the west of Erlangen – will focus on sustainable and future-oriented high-tech manufacturing, related research and development activities, and the opening of the location for an ecosystem of partners from the business and scientific communities. The plan for the location also calls for converting existing facilities and expanding the site.

Germany is Siemens AG’s home market and one of the world’s most important locations for production, research, development and employment. The company employs about 86,000 people in Germany, including around 38,500 in the Nuremberg metropolitan region. As part of its global investment strategy of around €2 billion, Siemens has announced investments in regions such as the U.S., China and Southeast Asia. At the beginning of the week, the company announced its most recent investment project: the construction of new headquarters in Spain with an investment volume of €160 million.