Solvay's Natural Vanillin production

capacity in Melle, France to be doubled

  • December 4, 2013
  • Solvay's Natural Vanillin production
    Solvay's Natural Vanillin production

Solvay’s Global Business Unit (GBU), Aroma Performance, a world-class leader in the vanilla flavors market, is strengthening its worldwide position as major producer of natural vanillin under its flagship brand Rhovanil Natural.

“The capacity extension of our production unit of Melle is part of a multi-year industrial plan which enhances our capability to be a reliable partner for our customers, especially in the food and fragrances industries. It is an important step in our strategy to continue strengthening our competitiveness and market position on natural vanillin” says Dominique RAGE, Aroma Performance GBU President.  

“Together with ferulic acid sourcing securization, this capacity expansion is part of our continuous efforts to support our customers in seizing new market opportunities” concludes Vincent  LAJOTTE, Aroma Ingredients business Director.

Obtained by bio conversion of ferulic acid with a strain naturally occurring in nature Rhovanil Natural, meets the strict requirements of natural status as defined by both European and US legislations.