Strategic Merger in the Field of Gas Sensors and Analyzers

smartGAS Germany and SIGAS merge to optimize industrial chains and open up the global market.

  • March 22, 2023
  • Strategic Merger in the Field of Gas Sensors and Analyzers
    Strategic Merger in the Field of Gas Sensors and Analyzers

For more than 15 years, Heilbronner Zukunftsfonds has accompanied smartGAS Mikrosensorik GmbH as a financial investor from a start-up to a mature company. Now it was time for smartGAS to gain not only a financial but also, from a strategic point of view, an important technical partner for the future. 

The acquisition of the Heilbronn Future Fund's shares by SIGAS Measurement Engineering Corp. opens up new opportunities for both partners in terms of global brand entry, product and technology developments, and the expansion of international partnerships. In this context, the focus is also on the growth of the Heilbronn/Germany site.

Management change

As part of the acquisition, there will also be a change in the management team to drive forward the transformation of smartGAS. With the appointment of Sissi Chen and Tobias Henrich as new managing directors, smartGAS can draw on their concentrated experience in the industry. 

Sissi Chen is founder and CEO of SIGAS Measurement Engineering Corp. and also has many years of experience in the measurement industry. Tobias Henrich, as Head of Sales, further developed his previous company into a force in the industry and has many years of experience in international sales. With this management team, smartGAS is optimally positioned to lead its global presence into a stable and sustainable future with a clear vision, mission and strategy.

In the last few years that Jörg Ronde has served as Managing Director of smartGAS, challenging circumstances such as the pandemic, the resulting supply chain crisis and the consequences of the war in Ukraine had to be overcome. Despite these difficult conditions, Jörg Ronde's great commitment and extraordinary support helped the company achieve success. The smartGAS team appreciates him for his contribution and respects his decision to leave the company.