Swedish Forces Gather for the World's Largest Industrial Fair

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For the first time ever, Sweden will be a partner country at the Hannover Fair from April 1 – 5, 2019

Swedish Forces Gather for the World's Largest Industrial Fair
Swedish Forces Gather for the World's Largest Industrial Fair

The focus of the fair presentations will be on innovation, sustainability, digitization and globalization, with the aim of positioning Sweden, Swedish companies and Swedish solutions as the world leader in smart industry. Powering the effort are leading companies such as ABB, Combient, Ericsson, SKF and Tetra Pak, together with the Swedish Government and other key players such as the Swedish Energy Agency, Ignite Sweden, KTH, RISE, SISP and Vinnova.

Entering new partnerships

“Sweden taking part in the Hannover Fair creates unique opportunities for Swedish companies,” says Teppo Tauriainen, Foreign Affairs Minister for Trade Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “Here they can find new partners and sales channels and reach out to more markets. “The fair also offers opportunities for foreign companies that are considering investing in Sweden to make contacts. The Hannover Trade Fair is an important meeting place for various players in the smart industry - within business, politics, academia and organizations.” Ylva Berg, President of Business Sweden, which has the government’s mandate to lead the project, adds, “As a partner country, Sweden and Swedish companies will be at the center of the Hannover Fair. It is a golden opportunity for companies to establish new contacts, build new contexts and enter into new partnerships to increase their global business in the long run. Under the concept ‘Sweden Co-Lab.’ we can position ourselves as the whole world's greenhouse for innovative collaborations, where Swedish companies become the obvious partner.”

Johan Söderström, Country Managing Director ABB Sweden agrees. “Together with other partners and companies in the Swedish pavilion, we look forward to highlighting how we create sustainable value chains through collaboration in digitalization, electrification and robotization,” he comments. “We want to show that, with the help of ABB's technology and people, we together can take advantage of the enormous opportunities we see for the development of the industry. Together, we also strengthen our overall innovation and competitiveness.” 

Sweden Co-Lab

The theme of the partnership is Sweden Co-Lab, a combination of co-creation (Co) and innovation (Lab). With good examples and joint activities, Sweden will be seen as an industrial hotspot in the 1,000-square-meter pavilion at the Hannover Fair. With participation at the fair, Sweden aims to show the country’s overall competitiveness and how industry, together with startups and scaleups, develops new opportunities through digital solutions and new technologies. The combined image of Team Sweden will then be used for international visits and promotional trips. The pavilion will be welcoming and invite cooperation, by being an attractive place where responsibility is shared and where the door is open to curious passers-by.

“We see the Hannover Fair 2019 as a great opportunity for Ericsson and Sweden,” says Åsa Tamsons, Head of Technologies & New Businesses, Ericsson. “We are in a unique era where Industry 4.0 is happening while 5G is rolling out. Now it is possible to take the next step in automating and increasing the efficiency of industries using cellular technology. 5G, Artificial Intelligence and Edge computing are central to realizing smarter industries and thus a strategic focus area for Ericsson. As a Swedish company with operations in 180 countries, we are especially proud to participate in the Swedish presence at the Hannover Fair 2019."

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