Volumetric and gravimetric feeder

feed rate range from 340 to 36.000l/h

  • by Gericke
  • May 31, 2010
  • Volumetric and gravimetric feeder
    Volumetric and gravimetric feeder

The all-purpose GDU610 feeder by Gericke with complete emptying covers a feed rate range from 340 to 36.000l/h. The feeder can be used in connection with products with all kinds of flow characteristics, e.g. from ones which flush to those with poor flowing properties. A considerable number of intromitters are available in order to guarantee continuous, even product flow. Special hygienic designs, as well as those used when metering raisins and fruits, are also available on demand.   Since the beginning of this year, the feeder has also been available in the 3E-weigh feeder design. Various hopper sizes up to a standard hopper volume of 1600 litres are realisable. The 3E loss-in-weight feeders and the hybrid weight feeders, available on demand, can also be equipped with a vertical agitator in order to prepare bulk materials with very poor flowing properties for the metering process. Very demanding metering accuracy can also be achieved short term if the feeder is combined with the intelligent Easydos Pro controller. User programmes and configuration can be downloaded off the computer and the settings and data can be downloaded by means of a memory stick.