Friday, 22 September 2017

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New Industrial Products

Mass Flow Meters and Controller

The proprietary platinum-based MEMS chip technology guarantees excellent accuracy and repeatability in combination with high speed and an extended dynamic range

Measurement and Instrumentation

Axetris offers OEM Mass Flow Meters (MFM) and Controllers (MFC) for gases. The proprietary platinum-based MEMS chip technology guarantees excellent...

Gas Select 6.0 Firmware

It improves user control and data speed and includes a library of up to 130 preloaded gases, referenced to NIST REFPROP 9

Measurement and Instrumentation

Alicat Scientific has updated its Gas Select™ firmware for Alicat mass flow meters, mass flow controllers and pressure controllers. Gas Select...

Ultrasonic Flow Meter Process Atrato

It combines all the technological advantages of market-leading Atrato ultrasonic technology with a new durable construction

Measurement and Instrumentation

Titan Enterprises announces the Process Atrato - a new low volume, high performance ultrasonic flow meter packaged to address the challenges...

Vibration Protection DN26 G3

It provides practical and affordable protection for smaller plant and equipment such as, pumps, fans, motors, centrifuges, turbines, or any item of small to medium industrial machinery

Automation and Communication

Improving efficiencies, reducing energy consumption and eliminating downtime has never been more important than in today's highly competitive...

Motion Controllers

For up to four axes

Newport Corporation is introducing the XPS-RL, a cost effective, universal motion controller for up to four axes. The new controller...

Customized Protective Coatings

For rotating equipment

Equipment and Services

Sulzer thinks that long-term reliability is a common goal for all plant operators, achieving it requires a considered approach that...

Remote Maintenance System

A compact remote maintenance box for remote access via the internet and/or company internal intranet

Equipment and Services

motan has developed the new and compact remote maintenance box for remote access via the internet and/or company internal intranet. As a...

Gear Pump Series GC

A suction shoe style gear pump design which allows the pump to self-compensate for wear

Pumps, Valves and Fittings

MICROPUMP GEAR PUMPS available in the UK from MICHAEL SMITH ENGINEERS are magnetically driven and well suited to these applications...

Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter

The JM4 is available as a direct insertion option, as well as an external mount on any magnetic level indicator (MLI) or modular instrumentation bridle

Measurement and Instrumentation

Magnetrol International is proud to announce the release of the Jupiter Model JM4 magnetostrictive level transmitter. The JM4 is available...

Fast Curing Silicone

A one part acetoxy type silicone system that meets USP Class VI specifications for biocompatibility and ISO 10993-5 testing for cytotoxicity

Equipment and Services

Master Bond MasterSil 910Med is a one part acetoxy type silicone system that meets USP Class VI specifications for biocompatibility and ISO 10993-5...

Magnetic Resonance Based Multiphase Flowmeter

A free course that covers an extensive introduction to the measuring principle as well as important topics related to multiphase flow measurement

Measurement and Instrumentation

A new course on 'Magnetic Resonance based multiphase flowmeter' was released on the KROHNE Academy online eLearning platform. The free...

Liquid Filtration Solutions

Housings. Bags. Cartridges.

Pumps, Valves and Fittings

Rosedale Products is a leading technology developer of liquid filtration systems and waste minimization products internationally. With more...

Non-browning Glass Lenses

The new 6mm focal length Model 214 and 9mm focal length Model 286 lenses deliver high image resolution (f2) and minimal geometric distortion from 400 - 750 nm

Equipment and Services

Resolve Optics has expanded its range of fixed focus non-browning lenses for close-up inspection tasks in high radiation environments. Designed...

Powerful Rechargeable Torch 3765Z0 LED

The 3765Z0 LED torch features 194 lumens (high) and 92 lumens (low), and a flashing mode. It is certified to ATEX Zone 0 (Cat. 1)

Equipment and Services

With Safety professionals in mind, Peli Products released the new Peli 3765Z0 Rechargeable Right Angle Torch. Featuring downcast...

pH Measuring System

Employs a hygienic glass-free design

Measurement and Instrumentation

In general glass pH electrodes are not suitable for food applications due to the risk of broken glass fragments contaminating the process. Furthermore,...

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