Thursday, 23 November 2017

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New Industrial Products

Monitoring of Industrial Oils Moisture

It can assist in planning maintenance operations

Measurement and Instrumentation

E+E Elektronik EE364 in-line transmitter measures moisture and temperature in transformer, lubricating, hydraulic or motor oils,...

Line-of-Sight IR Gas Detector

Technology advancements provide enhanced protection and reduce lifecycle costs

Measurement and Instrumentation

Det-Tronics FlexSight LS2000 Line-of-Sight Infrared Gas Detector is a next-generation solution for line-of-sight gas detection. It...

Space-saving Remote I/O Solution

For lower risks of injuries

Automation and Communication

BARTEC's explosion-protected remote I/O ANTARES can be fitted into much smaller spaces. The company Bauer Deep Drilling specializes in highly...

Stainless Steel Filter Regulator

Suited for the control of process actuators

Pumps, Valves and Fittings

ASCO introduces a compact stainless steel filter regulator as an addition to their existing range. Boasting the highest flow rate on the...

Measuring System Pressure

Test couplings from the Stauff Test range allows to safely and easily connect analogue and digital measuring devices for testing system pressure

Measurement and Instrumentation

In addition to flow, pressure is without doubt the most relevant parameter and measuring factor in hydraulics. Measuring system pressure is therefore...

Russian Refinery Adopts New Actuation Solution

AUMA’s actuation technology for lift plug valves has been purchased by the Russian JSC TANECO Oil Refining and Petrochemical complex located in Nizhnekamsk

Pumps, Valves and Fittings

The JSC TANECO Oil Refining and Petrochemical complex located in Nizhnekamsk, Russia has purchased AUMA’s new actuation solution for lift plug...

Missing Output? Chemical Producer Solves Metering Mystery

A Comparison Flowmeter Test

Measurement and Instrumentation

After detecting major discrepancies between metered input and output for a demanding batch process, a multibillion dollar UK-based chemical producer...

Get Process Data from Remote, Hostile Environments

Foxboro Accutech line is ideal for cost-effective monitoring of processes in remote or harsh locations

Measurement and Instrumentation

The new Foxboro® Accutech line of wireless field instrumentation from Schneider Electric includes a complete range of self-powered level, flow,...

Flow-Through Sensors Measure Conductivity of Any Liquid

A totally non-invasive measurement of conductivity

Measurement and Instrumentation

The Foxboro® brand 871FT Series Non-Invasive Sanitary and Industrial Flow-Through Sensors are a family of in-line sensors that measures the...

Advanced Coriolis Flowmeter Supports High-speed, Short-batch Filling

Digital technology to continuously retune flowtubes

Measurement and Instrumentation

When a producer of beverage filling systems sought more precise and repeatable alternatives to conventional volumetric-piston and weigh-scale...

Latest Sanitary pH Sensors Offer Lasting Durability

Essential for safe and efficient continuous and batch processing

Measurement and Instrumentation

For food, beverage, and dairy processors, rapid and accurate pH measurement is essential for safe and efficient continuous and batch processing,...

Magnetic Flowmeters Offer Virtual Grounding

Bi-directional metering of a range of fluids

Measurement and Instrumentation

New Foxboro® MagPLUS Magnetic Flowmeters from Schneider Electric offer precise, bi-directional metering of a range of fluids, from beverages...

New Coriolis Transmitter Solves Net Oil Measurement Problems

Equipped with a built-in flow computer

Measurement and Instrumentation

The new Foxboro® NOCT60A Net Oil Coriolis Transmitter from Schneider Electric integrates patented, high-speed digital Coriolis technology with...

Versatile Device Management Wizard

Yokogawa Releases FieldMate® R3.02, a versatile software program used to configure, adjust, and manage a wide variety of field devices. It is features can reduce maintenance workload

Automation and Communication

Yokogawa Electric Corporation enhanced its FieldMate® device management software and launched the new version FieldMate R3.02. This latest version...

Peripheral Device

Ecom Instruments introduced the hand-held scanner Ident-Ex® 01 and the BLE Beacon Loc-Ex® 01 for ATEX/IECEx Zone 1

Measurement and Instrumentation

ecom instruments is expanding its comprehensive mobile worker ecosystem with two new innovative peripherals - the hand-held scanner Ident-Ex®...

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