Tuesday, 21 November 2017

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New Industrial Products

image sensor line

for complex bar code reading

Automation and Communication

the iVu Bar Code Reader (BCR) is an industrial touch screen bar code reader. It reads 11 industry-standard bar codes to facilitate traceability...

ultrasonic sensors

offers local or remote programming

Measurement and Instrumentation

The microprocessor based U44xx family of ultrasonic sensors offers simple local or remote programming via USB or RS-232 interface software. These...

compact fluid dosage

for flow rates between 0.4g/hr and 600kg/hr

Pumps, Valves and Fittings

The Cori-Fill compact fluid dosage assembly can be used as an alternative to the gravimetric or weighing scale method of dosing additives, fragrances,...

steel shaft collars

for food, medical & pharmaceutical applications

Equipment and Services

This range of smooth bore shaft collars in 316-grade stainless steel meets the demanding needs of food processing, medical and pharmaceutical...

Plastic conveyor chains

for beverage and packaging industries

Equipment and Services

The Flexon plastic conveyor chains are designed for the beverage, packaging and food processing industries. The flat top chains and modular belts...

Remote calibrator

for combustible gas detectors

Measurement and Instrumentation

The RGC-IR remote calibrator for the IR400 Infrared Point Gas Detector from simplifies the time-consuming process of performing combustible gas...

Chlorine dioxide tester

for concentrations from 0.02-50mg/l,

Measurement and Instrumentation

The Chlordio-Xense tests chlorine dioxide levels in water. It provides accurate testing without relying on subjective analysis for results. The...

Condensation monitor

avoids forming of droplets and wetness

Measurement and Instrumentation

Cooling ceilings, critical areas in HVAC and technical installations, which are operating close to the dewpoint temperature, need an early alarm...

Non-intrusive full/empty limit switch at small diameter pipes

The optimized ultrasonic limit switch SONOCONTROL 15 from SONOTEC detects quickly and reliably whether a pipe is filled with liquids / liquid gases or not.

Measurement and Instrumentation

The compact sensor is mainly used in plants of the pharmaceutical sector and the food industry. Here, the SONOCONTROL 15 is employed for the...

New Flow sensor SONOFLOW

Measurement and Instrumentation

With the intelligent SONOFLOW sensors for the measurement of the flow rate in thin pipes and tubes SONOTEC presents a new series of sensors for...

Process data transmission via GSM/GPRS

Wireless communication for near and far

Equipment and Services

VEGA has been using remote data transmission in conjunction with signal conditioning instruments for years. These supply the sensors, deliver...

Unshakeable reliability

VEGA’s microwave barrier conquers the market

Equipment and Services

VEGAMIP 61, the new microwave barrier recently introduced by VEGA, is a sensor that reliably and contactlessly detects the limit level of bulk...

The next generation of radar sensors

State-of-the-art technology from VEGA

Equipment and Services

VEGAPULS radar sensors are considered “state of the art” in the market and are the most sold radar-based level sensors in the world. Through...

Fail-safe oxygen measuring systems

contain a dynamic zirconium dioxide sensor

Measurement and Instrumentation

The oxygen measuring systems from J. Dittrich Elektronic contain a dynamic zirconium dioxide sensor. They determine the oxygen concentration...

Carbon dioxide measuring systems (NDIR)

for the ambient air and thus indoor air quality

Measurement and Instrumentation

The infrared measuring system detects the carbon dioxide content of the ambient air and thus indoor air quality (IAQ) fast and precisely. It...

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