Monday, 11 December 2017

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New Industrial Products

Rotary disc valve

for abrasive, corrosive or coarse substances

Pumps, Valves and Fittings

The LRD rotary disc valve suits applications that involve abrasive or corrosive slurries, powders or coarse substances. It finds the users in...

Retractable sensor fitting

for online process applications

Measurement and Instrumentation

The PR10 retractable sensor fitting is designed for online process applications where the sensor has to be removed safely without interrupting...

Differential pressure sensor

for wet media and low pressure ranges

Measurement and Instrumentation

The AST5100 Wet/Wet differential pressure sensor is designed for differential pressure measurement ranges as low 0 to 0.01bar and up to 0 to...

Oxygen analyzer

for package headspace

Measurement and Instrumentation

The entry level oxygen (O2) headspace analyser Pac Check Model 450EC is designed for companies who are displacing residual oxygen in their packaging...

Continuous measurment

of pH, active chlorine and temperature

Measurement and Instrumentation

The Aquachlore is dedicated to the control of water, enabling a continuous measuring of pH, active chlorine and temperature. With its IP65 waterproof...

Temperature sensor assemblies

with in-situ calibration, monitor sensor drift

Measurement and Instrumentation

Temperature sensor assemblies with in-situ calibration can monitor sensor drift over time. In operation, the accuracy of temperature sensors...

Rolling bearings

made of corrosion resistant steel

Equipment and Services

Cronitect is a high performance stainless steel for rolling bearings. It provides maximum corrosion resistance under extreme operating conditions,...

Medium to high pressure fans

for clean air, dust-laden air, pneumatic conveying

Equipment and Services

The ‘EV’ range of medium to high pressure fans offer flow rates of up to 51,000m3/ h and pressures up to 300Mbar. Intended for clean air,...

Disposal system

for flammable liquids

Equipment and Services

The ACTIVE UTS S is a certified disposal system for the active storage of flammable liquids. The safety cabinet is classified Type 90 according...

Retrofit tubular dedusting filter

for outlet connection system

Equipment and Services

Outlet connection systems for lowdust discharge of FIBCs have been used for years. For dedusting, external dedusting filters or central dedusting...

Vortex steam flow meters

for non-condensing and saturated steam

Measurement and Instrumentation

The RNS Series (Insertion) and RWS Series (Wafer) Vortex Steam Flow Meters are suitable for measuring non-condensing steam and saturated process...

Liquid level measurement solutions

for the Life Science and Food & Beverage industries

Measurement and Instrumentation

This range of hygienic liquid level instruments is dedicated to the Life science and Food & Beverage industries. The group of products includes...

White food hoses

avoid static electrical charges

Equipment and Services

The white food grade compound of these hoses prevents the accelerated wear usually associated with static dissipation when transferring powdered...

Needle valve

for viscous and contaminated media applications

Pumps, Valves and Fittings

The H-Series needle valve gives plant engineers the means to improve reliability, and save both money and space, in process and instrumentation...

Hydrophobic cartridge filters

for high purity chemicals processing

Equipment and Services

The family of hydrophobic filters for high-purity chemical processors deliver an up to 200% improvement in flow over best-in-class filters with...

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