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Interview Deutsche Messe
Interview Deutsche Messe

Match & Meet, the matchmaking service of Deutsche Messe. organizer of renowned tradeshows like Hannover Messe and Cebit, brings together customers, clients, networking partners, experts and investors from all over the world. PCN Europe talked to Dr. Katja Neubauer, Director Visitor Promotion & Services of Deutsche Messe

Could you give our readers a short introduction into the Match & Meet services?

Visiting a trade show always goes hand in hand with seeking for new business contacts. Match & Meet matchmaking services support visitors and exhibitors in their preparation of the attendance, offer a wide range of onsite services and help them to keep in touch throughout the year.
Match & Meet is the perfect tool to identity and contact potential business partners and clients even before the show starts.

Who does this offer address?

Our Match & Meet matchmaking services can be used by exhibitor as well as visitors and event offer companies that are not exhibiting a new way of offering their products and services.

What services are available?

In the past two years , we have created an entire product family of Match & Meet services. The basic service “Match & Meet” registration is free of charge and allows the user to register and receive contact and appointment requests.
“Match & Meet Online” gives the user 365 days access to a hit list with potential business partners that match their profile and allows the user  to filter, select and send contac requests.

“Match & Meet” Onsite includes the Online version, but additionally includes a virtual calendar in order to set up appointments with business contacts during the show. A personal support in identifying and retrieving further appointments is part of this module as well. Addinally, every user receives a “Premium Pass” with free access to the show, the usage of a onsite shuttle services and the Premium Lounge in the central visitors service area.
Meeting rooms and tables can be booked on a daily basis.

For groups and delegations, “Match & Meet Delegation” offers the setting with “Premium Passes” for each group member, as well as a delegation room and guided tours.

How can interested parties join?

All Match & Meet services can be booked over our HANNOVER MESSE – website ( Exhibiting companies can use the Online Business System “OBS” the register and book.

Could you give us an outlook into further plans for the platform?

First of all, we will expand the service to all our own organized shows in Hannover. We are currently developing further services and we will optimize existing parts and modules.

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Deutsche Messe AG
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