Stainless-Steel Progressing Cavity Pumps

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Precise dosing for a great variety of substances in FSIP Design

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Stainless-Steel Progressing Cavity Pumps
Stainless-Steel Progressing Cavity Pumps

NEMO® progressing cavity pumps in FSIP® design can be used in nearly any area of industry as it is capable of pumping and precisely dosing a great variety of different substances. In order to further expand its range of capacity, Netzsch is making the model now available in stainless steel in the additional sizes NM053, NM090 and NM105, where up to now only pumps in cast iron were available.

Designed for faster part replacements

The FSIP concept of the NEMO progressing cavity pump is especially suitable for wear intensive applications requiring more service and maintenance work, as the design makes service work so easy: The pump is designed in a way that the housing itself functions as support and orientation guideline during maintenance, making sure each part “automatically” fits into its destination. Therefore the change of all wear parts takes less than half of the time required so far, as they can easily be replaced after opening the pump from flange to flange. In stainless steel the pump is ideal for media with temperatures up to 80°C and a pressure of up to 9 bar. The suction flange can be supplied left- or right-handed or vertical.

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