Heavy-Duty Peristaltic Pump

For particularly aggressive and abrasive media

  • Heavy-Duty Peristaltic Pump
    Heavy-Duty Peristaltic Pump

Rotating displacement pumps from NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme have been in use worldwide for over 60 years, with models ranging from small dosing pumps for the industry to large pumps for the oil and gas sector or mining. The German manufacturer is now adding another displacement pump type to its range of products. The PERIPRO peristaltic pump has a heavy-duty design and is therefore particularly suitable for highly aggressive and abrasive media such as lime milk, active charcoal, sodium hypochlorite, or hydrochloric acid. 

"One reason for the robustness of the pump in demanding applications up to 10 bar is its heavy-duty design with extremely durable and resistant hose materials, which are manufactured using a unique process," explains Roger Willis, Head of Global Business Field Chemicals and Paper at NETZSCH. "This is complemented by oversized bearings for radial loads, large metal rollers also with oversized bearings and a safe and reliably joining system." As no wear parts such as valves or mechanical seals are used and the PERIPRO additionally has a monoblock design with a bearing box, it is suitable for a variety of demanding tasks such as pumping corrosive products. The bearing is installed in the pump housing, ensuring optimum alignment and complete absorption of the loads from the drive shaft. The actual bearing housings consist of a central hub that carries the reinforced, oversized bearings as well as the pump shaft. “The bearings fully absorb all radial loads to ensure a long service life,” explains Willis. 

More efficiency and lower costs thanks to optimum hose compression

In addition, there is a hose compression system with XXL rollers for lower energy costs and more efficiency. The large diameter of the rollers can cover a larger area of the hose for optimum compression, while the absence of friction from a fixed shoe leads to significantly lower wear on the hose overall. This results in more efficiency, lower energy consumption (30 % lower than for peristaltic pumps with slide shoe technology), and longer service life. In addition to this, the startup torque is minimal and operation is simple. The rollers used in this pump type replace large quantities of lubricant, which fills the interior space of other peristaltic pumps. "Overall, this results in 90 % savings, while the roller technology makes the pump easier to service," says Head of Business Field Willis. 

It is also very important to NETZSCH that all components that are relevant to the compression of the hose are precisely manufactured. The materials used for hose production are of very high quality. The hose is manufactured in a special process and features an extruded inner layer with high-density textile reinforcement as well as a precisely machined outer layer. Thanks to controlled tolerances, it ensures optimum compression as well as fast installation. Furthermore, the new development features a precision flow rate control with an accuracy of ±1 %, allowing the flow rate to remain constant while providing low-shear pumping. Additionally, the unlimited dry-running capability reduces downtime of the pump, while the intake capacity of up to 9.5 mWc makes the pump ideal for all transfer tasks. 

Special versions for chemicals and food industries

The PERIPRO hose pumps are available in three different versions – as a standard version for industrial applications as well as for chemicals applications and food dosing. The small NETZSCH PERIPRO models 10/0.1, 10/0.3 and 10/0.7 cover a flow rate range between 5 and 1,000 l/h. They are suitable for a variety of different media like additives, lime milk, active charcoal and polymers and are particularly good at handling abrasive media containing large solids and fibres. The pump models 10/1.4 and 10/2.7 are designed for medium flow rates between 250 and 3,500 l/h, while the models 10/5.1 and 10/11.1 complete the PERIPRO peristaltic pump range in industrial design with a flow rate between 1,000 and 17,000 l/h.

The PERIPRO pump for chemicals applications is a completely protected unit that is resistant to highly corrosive acids and all types of difficult chemicals and can therefore be used for dosing sodium hypochlorite, iron(III) chloride, hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid. It features components such as a latest-generation peristaltic hose made of NR or EPDM and a pump housing and front cover made of TEFZEL® – highly resistant to many aggressive chemicals – as well as plastic fittings made of polypropylene or PVDF. In addition, the pumps are equipped with a sensor for hose leaks and a drainage system. 

The food version of the PERIPRO peristaltic pump, on the other hand, is especially optimised for hygiene applications. It is suitable for food and drink as well as cosmetic products and meets the current standards and regulations. In this version, the peristaltic hose is made of food-grade FDA nitrile and fitted with DIN 11851 or Tri-Clamp fittings. As only the hose comes into contact with the medium, there is no risk of contaminating the dosed food, and this component can be cleaned fully. The stainless-steel front cover features a window, which can be opened for CIP cleaning processes so one roller can easily be removed. The cleaning fluid can then be flushed through the hose unhindered. 

The pump is suitable for filling wine, juice, and sauces as well as for sugar and other abrasive media or for dosing additives, colorants, flavorings, and enzymes.