Conveying systems

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  • by Gericke
  • July 4, 2014
  • Conveying systems
    Conveying systems

Pneumatic dense-phase conveying is among the gentlest solutions and is often the only technology available to transport large product volumes gently and hygienically without segregation. On the one hand, it enables low-abrasion transport as well as complete emptying of the conveyor pipe. On the other hand, minimal maintenance costs and employee effort allow Gericke conveying systems to simplify internal processes and provide the optimum conditions for downstream production processes.

Gericke technology facilitates the conveying of a wide range of goods over short and long distances and selects the type of conveyor system best suited to the particular product to be transported. They offer the entire spectrum of lean- and dense-phase conveying systems. Pressure vessels convey products directly, fully automatically and gently to mixers, filling stations or further processing levels. Specially constructed pipe elbows and deflectors guarantee that no unnecessary product abrasion occurs during transport, including for restarts following a conveying interruption.

In addition to conveying main components, pneumatic conveyor systems are also suitable for automatically supplying small components. Compared to container solutions, pneumatic conveying systems offer the advantage of closed, dust-tight construction, which makes frequent docking and undocking unnecessary.

Gericke senders are used for pressure conveying. In contrast to many other systems available on the market, the air volume can be determined and regulated with significantly higher precision in Gericke systems. This minimizes energy costs and makes the systems more economical.