ACHEMA 2012 - Rotary lobe pump

for aggressive media and hygiene applications

  • ACHEMA 2012 - Rotary lobe pump
    ACHEMA 2012 - Rotary lobe pump

The fully metal rotary lobe pump TORNADO T2 by NETZSCH Mohnopumpen was completely redesigned to improve performance and at the same time reduce the wear and maintenance workload to a minimum. It meets the requirements of industrial processes in the chemical and hygiene field.

The fully metal model was specially developed for the chemical sector, where the conveyed media could attack rubber components. It involves the rotor and stator being made out of stainless steel or special steels. This means long-term process reliability is ensured, even with aggressive substances. The pump chamber design avoiding dead space prevents product deposits and makes cleaning easier, either manually or with the CIP process. This means the pump is ideally suited for hygienic processes.

The belt drive is a crucial improvement for the TORNADO T2. In comparison to the gear drive, this is less prone to problems and enables an even more compact design. However, above all it does not need to be lubricated, as the pump manages completely without oil. In addition, the pump chamber has also been further developed. The rotors are now fixed cleanly from the outside with quick-fit taper lock ringsets, which makes replacement easier. At the same time, no solids can be deposited on fastenings, as all lobe surfaces are smooth; this means risks of clogging and blocking are successfully prevented.