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Integrated Machine Vision

Integrated Machine Vision

Machine vision becomes an integral element of the automation ecosystem with B&R. At this year's SPS IPC Drives, B&R introduced its first image processing solution to be seamlessly incorporated in the automation system. The solution comprises cameras, software and lighting accessories.

At the heart of the solution is a broad selection of intelligent camera technology. Options at the lower end will replace simple machine vision sensors, while the top of the range will harness the full potential of high-end...

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Cloud-Based Communication Channel

Cloud-Based Communication Channel

Molex has worked with MB Connect Line GmbH to realise a new platform for remote access, monitoring and predictive maintenance: it is a cloud-based communication channel. Data transparency is getting increasingly important, and this platform adds communications and networking to the production process, offering machine and system builders’ capabilities designed to enable real-time condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, supporting the drive towards smarter machines and factories. 



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SIL2/PLd Safety Controllers

SIL2/PLd Safety Controllers

Parker Hannifin Corporation's Electronic Controls Business Unit can now meet the needs of mobile machinery applications with new functional safety controllers. As well as offering high levels of robustness and straightforward system integration, the new RISE (SP) certified IQAN-MC4xFS controllers have been developed to provide a more cost-effective way of meeting the safety standards required for heavy mobile machinery. Typical applications include reach stackers, aerial platforms, refuse truck...

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Smart Safety Platform
Pneumatic Conveying Process
E4500 Portable Emissions Analyzer
New Global Lubricants Collaboration Agreement Signed
Continental Won Eight Prizes at the German Innovation Award
SIL Certified Vortex Flow Meter Rosemount 8800
A Smooth Upgrade for the Mont Blanc Tunnel
Ultrasonic Flowmeter MetraFlow
Fabio Lodigiani is the New Group Vice President at HIMA
All-ceramic Chemical Pump
Pump Monitoring System
Digitalization will be the Number 1 Trend at ADIPEC 2018
The “Nanokicking” Technique
Omron and Cisco Collaborate on the Enhancement of IoT Security