The Look of the Process Industry in 2025

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Three focal topics at ACHEMA bring “Flexible Production”, “Chemical and pharma logistics” and “Biotech for Chemistry” to the forefront

Achema 2018

The Look of the Process Industry in 2025
The Look of the Process Industry in 2025

Experts say that in 2025 the process industry will look more flexible, more integrated, more biological. At ACHEMA 2018, three focal topics bring “Flexible Production”, “Chemical and pharma logistics” and “Biotech for Chemistry” to the forefront. Megatrends affect whole industries from equipment to processes to business models. Consequently, they cannot be covered within one exhibition group. ACHEMA answers to this by defining three focal topics that draw attention to developments affecting all stakeholders in the process industry, from lab supplier to pump developer to plant engineer and operator. Thus, aided by markings at the stand to dedicated topical magazines, visitors can get an overview on where the process industry is headed.

Three trends at ACHEMA 2018

Digitization has been a major driver of the process industry for some time – and it’s no end in itself: “Future chemical production has to react more flexibly – to different raw materials, to a volatile energy supply, and to customer demands for more individualized products”, said Dr. Andreas Förster, Subject Matter Expert Chemistry at DECHEMA e.V. The focal topic “Flexible Production” at ACHEMA 2018 specifically addresses these aspects: Modular plants that can be assembled from „plug and play“-components; Robust technologies that allow for variations of production volume; Automated process control that uses real time measurements to optimize processes. Closely related to flexible production are chemical and pharma logistics. These used to be perceived as something happening outside the factory gate, but in times of integrated supply chains they have become a significant factor in production. The third focal topic "Biotech for Chemistry" showcases the integration of chemical and biotechnological methods.

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