Monday, 11 December 2017

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Industrial Datasheets

BLE-Beacon Technology

Lufthansa Industry Solutions chose ecom's technology for real-time localization and efficient, interconnected asset management

Automation and Communication

Industrial companies must continuously break new grounds to innovation and efficiency. In doing so, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)...

Piezoresistive OEM Pressure Transmitters

With -40?150 °C-capable signal conditioning

Measurement and Instrumentation

The Series 4 LC…9 LC family of miniature OEM pressure transmitters from Keller combines a piezo resistive pressure sensor with -40…150...

Lubricant Experts Gathered Together at the Shell Technology Forum

EU lubricant professionals and customers met last week at the Shell Technology Forum in Amsterdam to learn the best strategies to reduce TCO. The event was organized and conducted by Shell Lubricants under the motto "Together, anything is possible"

Shell Lubricants' experts and nearly 150 industrial customers from all over Europe came together on May 11th at the Shell Technology...

Onshore and Offshore Safe Networking

INPEX's onshore and offshore facilities are the most modern in the world, being connected for almost 900 kilometers to a total of 25,000 safety-related input and output points thanks to HIMA’s safe Ethernet protocol

Automation and Communication

Safety engineering is provided by HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH, headquartered in Bruehl, Germany. The company is supplying 430 control cabinets,...

Laser Gas Detection Modules

For ammonia measurement using TDLS

Measurement and Instrumentation

Axetris’ laser gas detection modules are stand-alone, ready-to-use OEM subsystems for selective detection and monitoring of gases. The sensor...

Thermally Conductive Epoxy

A two component epoxy for high performance bonding and sealing applications with good thermal conductivity and electrical insulation properties

Equipment and Services

EP46HT-1AO is a two component epoxy for high performance bonding and sealing applications with good thermal conductivity and electrical...

Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter

With greater signal-to-noise ratio

Measurement and Instrumentation

Orion Instruments' JUPITER JM4 level transmitter offers fieldbus, advanced analytics, improved graphics and a rotatable, removable head to ease...

Mobile Filter Systems to Support Preventive Maintenance

Stauff’s mobile units not only are a good supportive tool in temporary operations to ensure preventive maintenance of small and medium-sized hydraulic oil and lubricant oil systems

Measurement and Instrumentation

Stauff has further optimised and expanded its range of mobile filter systems with regard to design and performance. The design of the two versions...

Non-contact Radar Transmitter Pulsar Model R96

The new Pulsar® Model R96 Pulse Burst Radar transmitter is a two-wire, loop powered, 6 GHz non-contact radar transmitter engineered to measure a wide variety of liquid media in a broad range of process conditions

Measurement and Instrumentation

Magnetrol International introduces the PulsarTM Model R96 Non-Contact Radar transmitter for accurate, reliable level control in process...

10.4" XGA Industrial Display Kit IDK-1110P

It features a 1024 x 768 high definition display for better visual performance and is designed with a Project Capacitive Touch (PCT) technology

Automation and Communication

Advantech announced  the launch of IDK-1110P 10.4' industrial multi-touch display kit. Advantech IDK-1110P features...

OEM Transmitters

Featuring Chip-in-Oil technology

Automation and Communication

Author: Daniel Hofer, Dipl. El.-Ing. FH and Bernhard Vetterli, Dipl. El.-Ing. HTL Miniaturization in Pressure Measurement Technology Keller‘s...

Guided Wave Radar Technology Eclipse® Model 706

It provides true level and interface control

Automation and Communication

All process industries today require the ability to safely and accurately measure level in critical applications. This task, however, can be...

Fuelling Oil & Gas Rebirth

PCN Europe talks with Florent Baldeck, Business Development Manager for Oil & Gas in Europe, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) at WEG, about future developments and new horizons for the sector

PCN Europe: What are the most demanding needs within the Oil & Gas sector? How does WEG try to meet these needs? Mr. Baldeck: With oil...

Mass Flow Meter SGM70xx

The microthermal gas flow module enables gas consumption to be reliably monitored in real-time

Measurement and Instrumentation

A comprehensive study recently published by Germany's Gas und Wärme-Institute (GWI, Gas and Heating Institute) confirmed the practical functionality...

Low Pressure Sensor SLP-35

The SLP-35 from Pewatron can be used in high volume HVAC, process control and medical applications, having little sensitivity to humidity and direction and an excellent zero stability

Measurement and Instrumentation

The low pressure SLP-35 sensor from Pewatron can be configured in a number of ways according to customer specification. The...

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