Thursday, 14 December 2017

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New Industrial Products

Oxygen sensor system

for dissolved and gaseous oxygen

Measurement and Instrumentation

The Sensors Division of Ocean Optics extended the NeoFox family of optical oxygen sensors with the NeoFox Sport. This portable, handheld optical...

Brightness sensors

offer UV measurement

Measurement and Instrumentation

UV measurement is now a standard part of Metso's inline brightness sensors to optimize chemical costs at DIP/RCF plants. The previous two inline...

Conductivity sensors

maximize boiler efficiency

Measurement and Instrumentation

The rugged CS675 and CS676 Stainless Steel Conductivity Sensors from Sensorex are suited for accurate, reliable monitoring of impurities in boiler...

Chlorine sensors

simplify water monitoring

Measurement and Instrumentation

Electro-Chemical Devices has developed a flexible, user-friendly series of sensors for chlorine analysis, designed to easily and cost-effectively...

High speed door

designed for the food industry

Equipment and Services

To meet the specific requirements for hygiene and temperature stability in the food industry, sara LBS has developed the Rapid Food Door. Designed...

Corrosion/erosion data-logger

for remote monitoring

Measurement and Instrumentation

Rohrback Cosasco launched a redesigned corrosion/erosion data-logger. The Microcor Corrosion/Erosion Rate Data-Logger MWT-3905-MDL (MDL) is the...

Temperature sensors

for gas temperatures up to 1,450°C

Measurement and Instrumentation

The thermoMETER CTLaserCOMBUSTION range of non-contact, infrared inline temperature sensors measures target temperatures through flames and temperatures...

Pressure transmitter

offers up to 6,000 bar

Measurement and Instrumentation

The design of the DMP304 ultra-high pressure transmitter is based on a compensated strain gauge, bonded onto a stainless steel diaphragm. With...

Vibration and temperature monitoring


Measurement and Instrumentation

Emerson Process Management has launched a unique temperature module for the CSI 6500 Machinery Health Monitor. The new module complements the...

Pushbutton actuators

feature protective collars

Measurement and Instrumentation

Cooper Crouse-Hinds has launched a range of protective collars for use on its Ex 41 series of explosion-protected pushbutton actuators. The metal...

Industrial regulators

to improve flow performance

Pumps, Valves and Fittings

Emerson Process Management has released the Fisher Type MR105 pressure reducing regulator and Type MR108 backpressure/pressure relief valve for...


for the manufacture of special membranes

Equipment and Services

Special membranes are needed wherever materials have to be separated from one another in a particularly gentle way, i.e. without heat or chemicals....

Readout & control units

for lab-style and IP65 instruments

Measurement and Instrumentation

Bronkhorst High-Tech presents the re-designed generation of BRIGHT multifunctional local Readout and Control units. Innovations include 1.8 inch...

Ex e bus-bar system

enables faster assembly

Automation and Communication

COOPER Crouse-Hinds has launched a new range of explosion-proof (Ex e) bus-bar systems for metal and moulded plastic enclosures. The system is...

Turbine flow meter

provides accuracy and ruggedness

Measurement and Instrumentation

Racine announces the Blancett Gas QuikSert Turbine Flow Meter. The meter provides accuracy and ruggedness in a wafer-style design that allows...

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