Tuesday, 21 November 2017

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New Industrial Products

Full/empty limit switch

non-intrusive, for small diameter pipes

Measurement and Instrumentation

The optimized ultrasonic limit switch Sonocontrol 15 detects quickly and reliably whether a pipe is filled with liquids/liquid gases or not....

Combustible gas detector

is easy to calibrate

Measurement and Instrumentation

The S4000CH is a hydrocarbon gas detector with a remotely-installed sensor suitable for use in SIL 3 applications and approved by FM, CSA, ATEX,...

Hydrazine injection system

for power plants

Pumps, Valves and Fittings

RHV Variable Speed Valveless Piston Pumps with ceramic internals, offer a solution for directly injecting Hydrazine into water and steam systems...

Tube skin thermocouples

for process heaters

Measurement and Instrumentation

Due to its 8mm diameter sheath made from Hastelloy-X, the Fan Tip tube skin thermocouple can be bent and coiled to enable movement in both the...

On-line viscometer

offers intrinsically safe version

Measurement and Instrumentation

The XL7 on-line viscometer provides continuous real-time viscosity measurement with high resolution, high repeatability and virtually unlimited...

Hydrogen pressure sensors

for hostile environments

Measurement and Instrumentation

AST2000H2 digitally compensated pressure sensor/transducer is designed for hydrogen pressure measurement applications. It is packaged with an...

Ultrasonic flaw detector

for harsh environments

Measurement and Instrumentation

Weighing only 1kg, the USM Go is a light and portable ultrasonic flaw detector, designed for ease of prolonged operation in the harshest...

Refrigerant air dryers

with minimum energy profiles

Processing Machinery

The Arctic Energy range of compressed air refrigerant dryers are suitable for operation at air pressures from 4 to 16 bar, with ex-compressor...

Lifting equipment

for explosion endangered areas

Processing Machinery

This range of Ex rated handling equipment includes hydraulically operated hoists and monorail hoists for safe operation in hazardous and explosion...

Ammonium Sensors

liver economical analytical measurement

Measurement and Instrumentation

The S10 and S17 Ammonium Sensors consist of two universal sensors and replaceable electrode cartridges. The S10 Sensor is an immersion or an...

ultrasonic flowmeters

low-flow, for quantities from 0.03 – 6 l/min

Measurement and Instrumentation

The PFA SonicLine ultrasonic flowmeters in the low-flow version are designed for quantities from 0.03 – 6 l/min in DN 3/8“. Flowrates from...

Magnetic field indicators

detect attempts to affect measuring devices

Measurement and Instrumentation

The magnetic field indicators are designed for the permanent registration of a magnetic field presence. They can be used for the identification...

Temperature sensors

for sterile and hygienic conditions

Measurement and Instrumentation

The TH series of sanitary sensors is suited for usage in pharmaceutical and food industry for all sterile and hygienic conditions). Precise measurement...

pressure regulators

ready-to-install for gas pipelines

Measurement and Instrumentation

Dome pressure regulators, like the 737 series, compensate for fluctuating flow rates in gas supply pipelines to ensure a consistent outlet pressure....

Peristaltic dosing Pump

self priming, low flow

Pumps, Valves and Fittings

With a IP66 Verderflex Aura Peristaltic Dosing Pump there is no need for non-return valves as the rotor maintains a seal between the dosing area...

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